Roll-2-Dodge --2--

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Rolled 6a 4b, critical success.

Zanon must Roll-2-Dodge!

Rolled 6a 2b, critical success.

He mounts an excellent defense, forcing you into plan B. FOrtunately he didn't have a plan B, so you defeat him... but he escapes.

Rolled 3a 3b, grey area.

I don't even want to know what that means. Your action was too broad and you must try again.

Rolled 4a 2b, success.

You are male again. You punt Brandon... but break your foot because he's made of gold. You are INjured.
I pawn Brandon off at the local pawn shop. There must be a market for people made out of solid gold.
I attempt to heal my foot then sue Brandon for all the gold on him.
As head of the Illuminati I decide to make it mandatory for all consumers to pay for Deluxe Shipping and Handling! *Evil laugh* Excluding those part of the Illuminati, they are like cubs... a family.
Haunt Zanon with ghosts.
Rolled 1a 4b, critical failure.

They laugh at you. Who ever heard of a man made of gold? Afterwards, Brandon beats you up.

You are Injured.

Rolled 6a 4b, critical success.

Your foot is as good as new and the lawsuit is on.

Brandon must Roll-2-Dodge!

Rolled 2a 1b, critical failure.

You are melted down and made into computer parts and jewelry. You are Dead... sort of.

Rolled 1a 1b (owch), critical failure.

The Illuminati are eliminated... and so are you. You go to Smylez' realms.

Rolled 6a 5b, critical success.

You send CR's ghost to haunt Zanon.

Zanon must Roll-2-Dodge!

Rolled 5a 2b, great success.

Ha! You aren't scared of CrymsonRaven. You give him a taste of your trusty revolver.

CrymsonRaven must Roll-2-Dodge!

Rolled 6a 5b, critical success.

You avoid Zanon's Revolver, no small feat. You are a hero amongst Smylez minions, even though you failed.
I offer Korea an alliance, which would secretly put them under my rule.
I offer my services to Smylez as a fellow henchman. (And not a female for his personal exotic paintings...)
Give CR the position of Death.
Rolled 2a 4b, failure.

They don't want to ally with you, since you tried to conquer them before. However, your secret attempts are pretty successful. Korea is ready for a coup.

ROlled 6a 4b, critical success.

You make an excellent pitch.

Rolled 4a 4b, success.

You pull off the assignment... but discover that to become Death you must kill Death, and the role of Thanatos currently belongs to a guy named Zane.
Get rid of Zane using CR as his first assignment.
I attempt to initiate the coup.
I do as Smylez says... planning on... Being the one who wears the pants in this establishment.
I attempt to set up a City/Lab/Factory underneath the surface of the planet I arrived at.
I attempt to resurrect Kronos and Mind Control him.
I cast Magic Missile on Smylez. Stop hunting dem poor folks.
I attept to heal myself, as well as position myself as leader of Korea following the coup.
I attempt to understand the opposite gender.
I attempt to understand the opposite gender.

That just might by the question of life the universe and everything. I attempt to stop Avikon and save the universe.
I attempt to return to my original gender and at the same time call all of the gold I was made of back with whatever other components they were combined with to become a giant gold machine man.

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