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with the powers of the force.
I attempt to place the empty peanut butter jar on your head KnarledOne.
I attempt to enlarge hive cluster
5- Great Success- Everything goes smoothly. CR is dead... er.. CR is Death.

2- Failure- Your radio seems to be broken. You must stop your own forces from moving or they will be attacking alone.

You are death. 2- You aren't sure what that entails though... maybe a party?

6- The facility is built without any form of workplace accident. You are at 120% efficiency.

5- You bring the many pieces of Cronos together.
5- You mind control the lord of time. You are Great.

4- Your magic missile flies through the barrier between life and death, then impacts Smylez in the head. Unfortunately, it left a hole between life and death... Better fix that.

1- You are no medical expert. You are Dead.


Tornado makes an opposing roll to save the universe!
3- His attempt is enough to stabilize space time for ONE ROUND!

1- You again stab yourself with a butterknife... somehow. You are dead.

4- The Hive begins to expand, but the creep isn't keeping up.
I attempt to implant powerful DNA into members of my Bio-mechanical army.
I attempt to save Avikon and stop my troops.
Make some toast
I attempt to make soup.
3- Grey area- You realize that the DNA sequence you were going to use isn't compatible with the existing tissue. Good thing you didn't put it in.

1- Lethal failure- You are caught in the backlash of space-time distortion. You are Vulnerable.
5- You manage to get word to the troops before they tip their hand.

1- You stab yourself with a butter knife... somehow. You are Injured.

Apparently my dice likes natural 1s when dealing with dull knives. I swear I'm not doing this on purpose.

That reminds me...
*Note to self, include April fools joke in later post.*

1- Lethal Failure- The soup is so bad that you die instantly and your body is charred to ashes on the spot. You are now Dead.
I attempt to escape the back lash and sue for all the land Alexander the great once owned.
COURT! How can Zarkun sue a dead man that was living way before Zarkun's time? IMPOSSIBRU!

My first job of Death was to set up a killer party.
CR has misunderstood my meaning. I point this out to the court.
I attempt to understand why it seems I'm not allowed to understand the opposite gender.
I attempt to re-create the DNA sequence, making it compatible with my troops' DNA
Backlash stays. 'Recover from' is better wording.
1- Lethal Failure- Nations band together and attack you.
Nations roll a 5 (-1 No player)=> 4

Zarkun must Roll 2 Doge!
5 (-1 Vulnerable)=> 4- You escape. You are Injured.

2- Failure- Nobody dies, though plenty of souls have a good time.

2- Failure- The strain is too great, the space time flux gets to you and your head explodes. You are Dead. On the plus side, you got to go to Death's party.

5- Great success- This one should increase the efficiency of all organic components by 10%
I attempt to recover from the backlash and heal myself from my injuries and sue the world for all they own.
Since I was death... My files updated and it said that Zarkun was ready to die. So I appeared behind him with my scythe... He couldn't avoid death... Funny thing was...Zarkun couldn't kill Death without permission to become the new Death.
I attempt to infuse the DNA into members of my Bio-mechanical army.

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