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*holds up card board sign*
will work for
Bind the souls of every dead poster into magical stones.

How do you kill that which has no life?
Being in the spirit realm, I try to possess the peanut butter jar.
3- You aren't going to explode... Probably.
2- Failure- There is not a judge in the world willing to hear your case.

1- You take a swing at Zarkun and miss by a mile. You aren't very good at this.

Zarkun Rolls 2 Doge!
5- Zarkun spins and stabs Death in the face with a hidden blade.
CR is returned to Hades.
Zarkun is Good.

6- Extreme success- Your integration of the DNA is flawless. Bio-mechanical v1.1 solders are ready for action. You are Good.

Attempt to resurrect treetophunter.
6- Extreme Success- Go forth and serve The Forces of Order.

Makes an opposing roll.
2- They can't quite stop the process.
treetophunter is Alive and Good.
---Martiny is the leader in Karma points. You are his squire until you prove yourself worthy of Karma of your own.

3- Grey Area- Congrats. You are stoned.

4- Success- You possess a half empty (and closed) jar of peanut butter.
Since I was Death I make a list... Zarkun is not ready to die yet, in fact... he wouldn't have been able to make that attack if he was dying.

Instead I throw a killer party for all of the posters.
I attempt to find a new target for my line of work and avoid CR's party.
I attempt to evolve my bio-mechanical army into a whole new race of powerful bio-mechanical creatures.
As per tradition, I challange death to a game of starcraft II for possession of my soul.
I feed CR my soup

(How to serve the FORCES OF ORDER?)
6- Extreme success

Living persons must Roll 2 Doge!
4- Everyone is Injured by the awesome party.

3- You think on that and realize you have been neglecting the Mechanical side of things.

6- Extreme success- You keep your soul. You are no longer Injured. You are Fine.

3- Grey area- You trip and the soup burns a hole in the ground.
---Answer: Oppose chaotic action. It is more a way to live than a series of specific tasks.
I attempt to find a new target for my job as an assassin of work and challenge CR to a game of chess for my soul.
I choose to do a fiddle contest instead of a chess challenge.
I attempt to improve the mechanical parts of my army using new and more powerful metals, along with newly designed weapons.
2- Failure
Opposing Roll CR
1- Lethal Failure

Hm... How to work this...

CR fails to turn it into a fiddle contest, Zarrkun looses the chess game (and his soul). CR is Banished, but takes Zarkun with him.

5 (+1 Good)=> 6- Dermal Armor strength significantly increased.
5 (+1 Good)=> 6- Weapons upgraded to pew pew lazors... And beam swords.
You are Great.
Hey wait, I should have a plus one for good...
I attempt, once again, to create the powerful bio-mechanical race.
I was banished but I brought a deck of cards. "Er... cards?'
Now inhabiting my Peanut butter jar, I attempt to roll into the time machine, to go back in time and stop my self from placing the jar on KO's head.
I attempt to push CR in the hole
BTW thanks Zanon.
Grab the gauze, fix up the wound, and make more toast.

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