I want to play offline mode! how?

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Hey guys I want to know how to authorize my game client to let me play offline mode! And also what is a starcraft character?
All done :P
But! it will make you connect to the serves once a month for authentication so you can't stay offline forever.
So people such as myself who are in the military and about to go on deployment without internet for months at a time are screwed, yes?
In "Custom Game", find a map you want to play, RIGHT CLICK on it, and select Play Offline
do i need to buy the heart of swarm? everytime i try to play off line it says starter edition cannot play offline ive did everything on battlenet.
spartan, can you make sure your system date and time is correct? I'd also try changing your password.

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is there an easier way without disconnecting your internet.....?
Hey chaostemplar,

There is a way to play offline in "Custom Games". Once you pick your map, right click on it and select "Create offline game". From there, you'll be but into a standard lobby as usual except you won't be able to add any human players to the game.
Hi, Leviathan. My friend told me that I can just play on campaign and disconnect it in the middle. That worked though. Also, can you help me with my error? It is on one of the thread.
Yeah, chaostemplar was asking if there was a way to do it with out physical disconnection.

I'll take a look at your post.
doenst give u that option if u cant connect to battle.net and click play in offline mode. the custom game menue is different looking while in offline mode and you cant right click a map and click create a offline game
I can't believe Blizzard is still trying to hold strong on this pro-piracy measure, Blizzard must really really want people to pirate their games.

It's not hard and you don't have to be brilliant to look around a bit at a few studies and realize that the more you make the experience suck for your paying customers while you try to stop piracy, the more piracy you end up getting.
02/18/2014 10:28 AMPosted by Madrobot
doenst give u that option if u cant connect to battle.net and click play in offline mode. the custom game menue is different looking while in offline mode and you cant right click a map and click create a offline game

Hey Madrobot,

If you are already completely disconnected from Battlenet (by using the "Play Offline" option at log in), then you don't need the "Create offline game" option because you are already offline. So it's expected that the "Create offline game" wouldn't be present.
Redonkulous, you must have an internet connection to first authenticate to their servers, before you can even choose the offline method (nearest I can tell).
What would be fair, is if after you purchase the game, you enter a code, unlock the offline mode so that even if you are in outer-space with no internet, you can still play the game. No reason you need to be up-to-date if you aren't playing against anyone else other than AI.
Personally I was fed up with my the issues of achievements not working and I sadly suck too hard to play against anyone else online, thus I play solely offline. As it happened today my ISP was down for several hours, I thought to myself, "well I've got games I can play". Wrong!
And as for having to physically pull your internet connection so that your entire system (streams, messenger services etc.) is just sickening. You wonder why I stopped buying expansion packs and subscribing to WoW. Reasons like this.
Blizzard clean your act up because WoW won't last forever and your company is losing gamers by the minute.
Learn what the term "offline" means and abide by the definition. I paid you hard earned dollars to be able to play this game. Looks like it's back to the original versions that actually DO allow me to play true offline mode.
man i can't figure it out
I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not letting me play offline either... Every time I try even without Internet turned it keeps telling my "Cannont play starter edition offline" which doesn't make any damn sense because I launch HoTS and then it says starter edition....
Hey Hmoobher,

Is the game fully patched and up-to-date? Also make sure you have logged in to the game within the last 30 days.

Running StarCraft® II in Offline Mode
Yup looks like it.
Guess you'll have to stick with watching movies like everyone else on deployments, was in military got out due to deployments :)
Or play dozens of other games that don't use draconian DRM to limit gameplay although that is becoming more rare these days.

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