Looking for a fun group or team.

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I'm still new at the game. I'm honestly not that great and I'm still learning how too play. I want too get better but I want too have fun doing so without feeling like I'm a third wheel or something cause I'm still new at the game. So I'm looking for friends maybe, a group, clan or a team who is in for having fun win or lose. (Hopefully try winning lol) and too have a good time playing and not mind a newbie.
teamelitestarcraft.weebly.com. Sorry for my apathy, I'm sick.
You can try looking at The Art of Warfare (taw.net), they can help you with gameplay, coaching, or just a place to socialize with other gamers. TAW is a good group of about 80 members ranging from Bronze to Master, all very friendly and quite active. We got a Teamspeak server and an actively-administered website/forum.

You can check out taw.net and see if we fit your style of gaming, or join in-game at our group "The Art of Warfare Community" in the in-game group finder. If we seem to fit you, head on over to taw.net and click on that big Join Now button up top !

We are one of the largest non-pro gaming community in the world, but our SCII team is decently sized and tight-knit. Check us out !

We hope you find us suitable...and hopefully after you apply, we'll see you on our TS server !

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