Darkest Heart II

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I shrug;
"The usual. Rouge weres, cultists, minor demons, undead, the occasional vampire on a bad month."
Mercedes nods her head. "Sounds like fun. The Huntresses are mainly troubled by vampires, werewolves, and other bestial monsters. Though there have been the occasional demons." The girl's voice gets slightly dangerous with the demons.
I arch an eyebrow at the last bit;
"I know they can be trouble, but what kind do you usually end up dealing with?"
"I have never been sent out against them. So I wouldn't know. The last attack by them left burning ruins when I returned from my first hunt..." Her eyes started to change slightly, almost as if narrowing slightly, and the irises getting slightly brighter, and her voice getting evermore dangerous thinking on her past.
"Lost family?..."
I ask carefully, knowing it to be a painful topic for most hunters.
She hands start curling into fists. "Yes."

Lalrye subconsciously observes what was going on, starting to develop ideas to be able to throw Mercedes off guard if they are to ever fight.
OOC: I go off for one hour and i miss a large amount of activity....

IC: I sit off at a secluded table away from most and eat a small variety of breakfast foods such as toast, some juice, etc. As i eat, i observe the conversations going on around me. I notice one where a fight could be possible and prepare to intervene should it come to it. However, i notice another doing the same thing and decide to relax myself, knowing that she could probably handle it.

OOC: Low idea day for me, piggybacking off of others'
I nod wordlessly, knowing apologies would probably just piss her off.
Alistair and I finish our discussion and I stand up, clearing my throat to get the attention of the hunters. "Good morning everyone. I trust you all slept well?" Nods and other response greet me and I smile, nodding myself. "Good, because now we get to the nitty gritty. First, you'll learn how to use angelic runes to enchant weapons."
An ominous, deep boom comes from outside, serving as a reminder that misuse of such symbols is... frowned upon. Severely.

(Misuse being the slaughter of innocents, giving the blade to a demon, and the like)
I nod having a little experience with angelic runes but not much. I note the boom understanding what it meant. "Sounds fun." I look at Shuri noting she is frowning. "Right. Kitsune and Angelic runes ... sorry Shuri." I sigh wondering what else was wrong but not wanting to ask right now.
I jump ever so slightly at the boom and give Avenger a somewhat nervous look;
...I doubt Tobi intends for me or anyone else to work on our heirlooms, 'cause I doubt I could if I wanted to...
IC: I think to myself: At least Solareon is already imbued with angelic runes when it was forged...Perhaps he means our other weapons..?
Vezlo thinks about the angel guardian, and the pain that coursed through his arm simply being in the presence of the being, and the pain of the wards. He pulls himself backwards, not wanting to go through it once more. He starts to pull himself out of the shadow phase, but ever so slowly.

Mercedes nods. "Anything to make the beasts fall quicker." Her tone was starting to lighten.

Lalrye thinks about it for a moment. "Okay, just wish for my knife to have any."

Borealis drowsily looks up and nods, his face looking like it's about to fall into his plate.
Ominous, is the word that runs through Jenny's thoughts.

Nothing runs through Skade's thoughts.
*Knock Knock Knock*

A trio of gentle rapping noises can be heard behind Seraphim, coming from the window. Due to the occupants within the room requiring unique conditions, some elaborate blinds obscured the view of the outside world which hid the source of the noise. One could only guess at who or whatever-

"Hey! You folks going to let me in or not?"

A familiar voice pierced the darkness of the room.

Edit: Clarified...
Morrjo. everyone is in the dinning hall.
OOC: 'Twas what I was aiming for, edited for clarity.
no one is going to respond to Solaris ...
OOC: Its not Solaris. He's busy... cooling off at the moment...

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