Darkest Heart II

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Noct should already ... *shakes head* ... never mind I'm just going to shut up.
Hate to kill your vibe there, morrjo, but I inferred DM powered everyone to the dining room.
Ah, my bad then. Should I retro-edit? Or just post something here?
Just post here. People might miss the retro-edit.
Noct and his brother were sitting quite far from one another. The elder of the pair was happily humming a small tune, whilst the younger was busy shivering, for one reason or another. The older of the two pipped up.

"What about the folks who cannot enchant their weapons or gear with Angelic runes?" he asked, a bit curious.
I look at Noct, and chuckle, shaking my head. "Then a weapon will be supplied for you to work on and you'll be expected to carry said weapon."
"What about a Kitsune?" I ask on Shuri's behalf since she didn't seem like herself at the moment.
"If she's bound, it shouldn't have any adverse effects, but a weapon can be issued upon request."
Vezlo looks wildly around, his eyes with fear. "Have you come to a verdict if I will join your hunt, sir? And if I am, must I have a weapon with angelic runes?" His one arm was gripping the corrupted forearm.
I look at the man and sigh, shaking my head. "After breakfast, Mister Vezlo, meet me in my study. We've a little to discuss first."
I nod and look at Shuri for a moment before speaking again. "I'd rather forge a weapon for Shuri myself once I learn about your forge."
I look over Angels Breath, not even contemplating the idea of modifying Avenger, as it would simply be too risky.
The gleeman eased himself into a chair with a slight groan. "I'm not as young as I used to be." He confided to the Witch Hunter.

The Witch Hunter smiled only the slightest of smiles as he sat down. "No one disputes that Master Gleeman, and I daresay no one ever will."

The gleeman let out a solid laugh. "Your sense of humor is much improved. But it seems that yet again I must insist that you call me Thom. Using my name occasionally wouldn't kill you."

The Witch Hunters expression returned to it's neutral not quite frown. "You are correct Master Gleeman, it would not. But we have serious matters to discuss."

Thom smiled hugely and nodded. He cast a glance around the room (under the guise of winking at an elderly waitress, who blushed) and returned his eyes to the Witch Hunter's shadowed face. "I assume you are here because of the recent attacks on more than one city?"

"Yes. I wanted your take on the situation, as you know more about politics than I." Replied the Witch Hunter.

Thom leaned back in his chair and knuckled his mustache absently. "Well, the second attack was less than 50 miles from Helsing Manor, so questions will begin to form as to weather or not Helsing can do anything. Sure he was present at the first attack, but people have a habit of forgetting little details like that when comparing an attack to a massacre." Thom sighed expressively. "And... There is the fact that just before the attacks Helsing recruited a small army of hunters. People are beginning to think that Helsing knew that these attacks were going to happen and didn't warn anyone."

"Anything else?"

Thom raised an eyebrow at the Witch Hunter. "There is always something else boy... But generally it is the thing you do not know. Walk in the Light Witch Hunter."

The Witch Hunter stood. "Walk in the Light Master Gleeman." He turned and walked through the crowd like a thread moves through fabric. He was part of the pattern and gone from memory as fast as from sight.

Thom stood after a few moments and looked around the room. He had winked at a beautiful lady not to long ago, and now seemed like an excellent time to make her acquaintance.
I shake my head at Helen, absentmindedly resting a hand on Argost and the other on one of my pistols, playing with the hammer, something Alistair knew as a sign of nervousness in me. "The forge is not something you forge a weapon for a demon, bound or not, or other dark creature. This is why I'm teaching you angelic runes before we go on to the forge."
I sigh. "I meant I want to create the weapon but I'd use the angelic runes afterward. Unless that is completely out of the question which I hope it isn't."
"It is. This forge isn't any where near your standard forge in use or weapon creation."
I nod and sigh.
Noct twiddles his fingers in thought. Issues, theories and solutions whirled through his mind as he began to think.

"Mister Helsing, would it be possible to imbue a temporary object with that angelic rune? One that would later be implemented in a weapon? If so, I may have a solution..."
Before Noct could finish his though, I shake my head. "No. Don't push it either. You'll do the training as it's prescribed."
Alesha had never been much of a runner. In high school she had been a bit faster than average when running the mile, but only a bit. Not enough to set any sort of record in her class, let alone in her school.

And definitely not fast enough to outrun werewolves.

Which was not a good thing... seeing as she was running from werewolves at the moment. Actually, it was only one werewolf but since Alesha was human... One werewolf was one too many to kill.

The only thing she had going for her was the trees. They blocked the werewolf's line of sight, and prevented it from going after her at full speed. A twig scratched her cheek as she ran through a particularly dense patch of trees. A thin trickle of blood began to run down her cheek, leaving a cruel line of red on otherwise attractive features.

A root seemed to appear in front of Alesha's next footfall and she tripped over it. She caught herself with her hands, and tried to get up. She couldn't. The root she had tripped over had somehow managed to trap her shoe between the root itself and the ground. She jerked her leg violently trying to free herself. No luck.

She tried again, even more desperately, but still couldn't get the root to release her foot. Desperation began to truly set in as she jerked her foot a third time and still could not free herself. She tried again. And again. On the fifth try her foot seemed to side effortlessly from the roots, but she had lost too much time. The werewolf was upon her.

A hairy hand grabbed her shoulder and flipped her over without ceremony. Alesha couldn't help but take in the details of the situation... After all, this might be the last thing she ever saw.

The werewolf was about six and a half feet in height, and had fur that was a lovely shade of brown... not dissimilar to her own eye color. His chest rippled with mussel under tight skin and fur, and the same went for the arms. The werewolf's lower legs were the thinnest part of him, not much bigger than the lower legs of a normal human...

The werewolf was terrifying, but she was looking at everything, not just him. Alesha had a surprisingly good view of the nigh sky through the trees... The stars twinkled lightly next to the crescent moon.
Then she had the most ridiculous thought.

She should get home before a Vampire found her.

Here she was with a werewolf standing over her, and all she could think about was how there might be vampires about. It was so absurd that she let out a small giggle. The werewolf seemed to think that she was laughing at him. It growled and leaped for her throat.

So this is how it ends. Alone in the forest at night, eaten by a werewolf. Well... at least I made it to 21. No regrets... Except dieing so early.

A sickening crunch filled the air and Alesha felt strangely disconnected from the world. She didn't feel dead... Or even mortally wounded. Had she died instantly? No... She could still feel the ground below her, and the stinging in her cheek where the branch had cut her cheek.

"Are you alright miss?"

The words came slightly from her right and Alesha turned her head to look at the source of them. An immaculately dressed man not a day over 25 stood beside her, offering her a hand up. She reached out an took the man's hand. He pulled her to her feet gently but firmly. "Yes, but how did you..." Then she saw it.

The werewolf was slumped against a tree, entirely unmoving. It's skull was caved in on one side, like someone had punched a ball of play-doh. Alesha's eyes snapped back to the man in front of her, and she noticed a couple of things about him. Scary things.

His eyes gleamed red, almost to the point of being luminescent in the darkness. And the pupils were slitted, like those of a cat.

He was a Vampire.

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