Darkest Heart II

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Eventually, i finish reading the book. I couldn't fathom the things i read in there. I then attempted to forget them and it seemed like i succeeded... Afterwards, i smelled smoke coming from the kitchen. Walking down there, i saw that it was frozen with a large mound of frozen coffee. "What the devil happened here?"
The smoke was fairly thick, but Seraphim's intervention swiftly solved that problem. Pinned and half consumed by the coffee... blob, Noct meekly tried to extricate himself from the voracious drink. Failing to do so, his head fell to the floor, his eyes shut tightly in apparent pain.

"Augh... Ow. My eyes... Mind helping me out here?"

His head swiftly shot to attention when that large brown blob shuddered, its ember of life not quite extinguished.
I sigh and draw Avenger, stabbing it's shimmering blade into the center of the "coffee's" mass, finishing off the aberration;
"And what the hell was that exactly?..."
The massive slime seemed to ripple when struck, and burst with quite the bit of force. Bits of it when flying positively everywhere, flying on metaphorical wings. A fair number of the thumb-sized brown spots continued to roil around, gently flowing towards a corner of the kitchen.

Shakily standing to his feet, he faces in Seraphim's direction. He seemed to be slightly off target, the damage to his eyes being the most likely cause. The pair of small black streams coming from his eyes didn't help his case either.

"I... auhm, got impatient with how long it took to boil it... Mixed a bit of a shard in to help it boil faster... Kinda blew up in my face... heh." He laughs softly at his mistake.
I shake my head in bemusement;
"...Right. Something tells me your.. powers don't mix well with this world..."
Noct's feral grin was something to truly behold. Even with his eyes devoid of their cobalt spheres, the expression was barely diluted, something that you'd only really see dressed on the face of madmen. With a strange cackle, he arises to his feet and makes towards the kitchen doorway, his stance composed of strange, predatory angles.

"Hate to break this to you, Seraphim, but I don't mix well with any wo-!"

...The exclamation and mood were quite rudely interrupted when the man slammed face-first into the kitchen doorway's frame with a loud thud, and blurted out a stream of curses from the floor.
Still shaking my head, I roll my eyes and turn to the task of cleaning up the kitchen...
A large amount of Noct's... whatever it was managed to escape down the drain. It was certainly a hardy creature at that. As for the kitchen, the poor room looked quite like a battlefield. Pots and pans lay scattered about, thickly drudged in that foul creature's terrible slime. Frost and ice peppered the scene as frequently as did scorch marks. It would certainly be a mess that many would have to clean for it to be done in any feasible time.

And as for the Wanderer, he opened his eyes and cast his gaze around the room, his expression falling as he took more of it in. Arising and cracking his fingers, his frost-tinted eyes settled on Seraphim, their whites clearing to a more healthy color before his eyes as one of his shards slowly crumbled away.

"Well, I had a hand in this mess, so may as well help fix it!"
Giving Noct a slightly nervous look, I step just out of the room and gesture for him to continue.
With the damage he took through the little scuffle, Noct was able to summon up a new pair of shards. With a bit of focus, the pair of object split off and writhed in the air. In a flurry of motion, the room was filled with not three, but five people. Seraphim, an observing Michael and... three Nocts? Each of the Wanderers seemed to be in a slightly scuffled state, the third of the trio moreso than the last.

With a wide grin, the third 'Noct' of the trio speaks up;

"Have I ever showed you guys Chrono-cloning before?"


To say that a trio of black-blurred cleaning tornadoes roared about in the kitchen would not be an accurate description, but most certainly would be an apt one. The trio of Wanderers whipped about the demolished room at an incredible pace. Where normal tornadoes raged, they left destruction and chaos in their wake. Where the three dashed about, only cleanliness and order remained. It was almost comical how fast the room was cleaned, nearly cartoonish clouds of dust being the only mark of their work.

With a pair of salutes, the first and second Nocts disappear, each's shards more degraded than the last. The worn astral objects float back to their master, returning to a simple orbit around the level of his shoulders. Letting out a sigh, Noct sits down on a trashcan and slumps backwards. The kitchen was now in quite the state of repair, if not even more clean than it had been previously.

"Well, that was a nice piece of work. Still, having to clean that place three times over was a bit frustrating..."
"Well that was...certainly....i dont even know."
Shaking my head, I head back to the dinning room with a single parting word to Noct;
"Stay out of trouble... and make sure your brother is too..."
I walk back up to my room, trying to comprehend what just happened. "That was....interesting.....and the wierdest thing i've ever seen. And i've seen quite a few wierd things in my life."
OOC: trying to keep this alive XD

IC: When i get back to my room, i dont notice that the book is gone again, concealed in the bookshelf looking like any other book. I decide to take a small nap and refresh myself before going to imbue runes.
Honestly I don't what the hell to do ...

IC: I sit on my bed reading an ancient tome bound in leather with beautiful flowing golden ancient Japanese script along both covers and the spine. I was probably the only person here proficient enough with ancient Japanese to actually read this but I wouldn't put that notion past Mr Helsing or Alistair. I look up for a moment and note that Shuri wasn't in the room with me anymore and not entirely caring I shrug and go back to reading.
I think it's best if we just put this on hold till Zarkun has time... And not to forget about it while we wait.
OOC: I may make occasional "reminder" posts so that it isn't forgotten :D
I MIGHT get one day a week to post, so this will move EXTREMELY slow for that reason.

IC: I sat in the study with Alistair, a holo of Darkova's Governor in front of us. "This was fifty miles from your manor, Helsing. 50 MILES, and you made no move to help. What of this army you've gathered? Is it true you knew of the Hi Okami's intentions before hand?" I shake my head and sigh. Damned politicians...

"With all due respect, I do not have an army, I have a few children of the other hunter families who I recruited to HELP with the problem, not solve it. Even Alistair can't defeat a united clan army." He opens his mouth again and Alistair cuts him off.

"Mister Governor, the Wanderers can be killed as well, so simply give us time to do our job and request more weapons from Umoja and the Dominion." His face red with anger at how he was treated in the sort conversation, he nods curtly and cuts the call. I shake my head.

"We need more time..." Alistair nods, pouring me a glass of wine and handing it to me.

"We'll have it should that foolish man listen to us." I nod silently and ponder how to progress with the training.

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