Darkest Heart II

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OOC: Helen of course. Solaris is currently... Inhibited. Cue idiocy.
OOC: This ought to be funny... :D
OOC: I foresee Helen chasing a screaming Solaris around with a sledgehammer wrought from the Night's Edge. But I could be wrong.


Solaris once again drunkenly rises to his feet. Taking a single step and swaying as if he were on a massive ship, he tries to saunder over to the pair. And flops onto his face once more with a loud slap onto the floor of the chamber.
IC: "Somebody's been drinking too much...."
Noct chuckles and turns to Michael with that same crazy smile. "We may have... slightly messed up biologies. Poor brother here can get drunk off of the fumes of wine alone. He even has to watch his sugar intake, or he gets tipsy!"

Solaris raised his hand and attempted to reply. Well, considering he was practically embedded face-first into the floor, his hand simply slipped by his head, and he tried to murmur something out. Something about strawberries, and said word made Noct's eyes look quite murderous. And twitchy.
"Perhaps you should consider giving him a mask that filters out alcohol fumes? Then again, he would probably hate wearing that and rip it off or blow it up." I see Noct's expression. "I don't think i want to know what he just said...."

I spend a few minutes thinking, listening and even laughing to myself at Solaris as I carve before replying. "Sun-core crystalline iron ... I feel like I should know it but I don't. And I really don't want to know what he just said." I was enjoying myself somewhat.

OOC: ... I guess you can do something ... nothing permanent or too over the top though please ...
I shake my head, feeling a bit out of my depth;
"The arts have never been my thing.. then again, all I've really put my time into is training..."
"Everyone needs a hobby Seraphim. Working with my hands is mine but a hobby can be just about anything. Collecting something, bird watching and so on. Though a hobby is usually something you would do outside your main line of work but is mostly just something you enjoy and that helps you unwind."
OOC: I disappeared for a day. My bad, I suppose.

IC: "Suncore iron is, as the name implies, iron extracted from the cores of giant stars. For most, this process is nearly impossible because of the immense heat and pressure, but when accessed from a simple portal from my side of things, it then becomes easy to extract and refine. It's wonderfully simple to shape and modify, and makes up the physical core of the Night's Edge."

Noct holds out the black spear and it swiftly begins to twine around his arm, as if it were a large snake. Its two ends remain near his wrists, the length of the tool curled around his forearm. He gives it a quick experimental shake before lowering his arm back down, the semi-sentient weapon retaining its grasp.

"And hey, its light as hell and just as sharp." His eyes widen slightly at the sound of running footsteps and narrow accordingly to the accompanying, irritating voice. Mentally inhibited by some or other means, Solaris dashed at his brother attempting to give him a hug.

Irregardless of the large blade in his hand, of course.

Acting on instinct, he did what first came to mind. With a simple sidestep, he put himself out of the way. Though he kind of forgot about Helen, he did manage to stop his maniac brother dead in his tracks with an outstretched arm. With a twirl courtesy of centripetal energy, Solaris did a full one-eighty and slammed his back. Though, one couldn't help but notice the lack of his short sword now...

...Or the lack of the top half of Helen's sculpture, anyway.
"Interesting." I say before everything goes nuts. When it calms down I notice half my sculpture missing and with a sigh anger and sadness contort my features. "Damn it! I spent two years worth of free time working on that." I was very much unhappy at the loss of the sculpture.
A broken object of human origin can never truly be repaired...

Noct winces at the emotions. Losing something like that is never fun. With a curious smile, he holds out his arm. In a burst of motion, the Night's Edge re-assumes its natural form and begins to shorten as a bulb at its tip begins to take a familiar, blunt form.

The Wanderer holds out a nicely sized sledgehammer, flashing a mischievous grin at Helen.

"Wanna take a swing at him?"

Solaris, to give him credit, began to scamper away.
I shake my head before I pull out my gunblade and shoot Solaris repeatedly. Mostly through his crotch. I then take the sledgehammer and bring it down on Solaris' head. I was a bit calmer but still rather upset. I set the remains of the sculpture down next to my stuff and sit lotus back against the wall and arms crossed. I wasn't really interesting in talking after that.
Noct silently pads over, eyeballing the remnants of the sculpture. With a point of a finger, he quietly asks, "Mind if I take a look at it?"

The mess that was once Solaris remained as such. So much damage couldn't be removed easily, and thus a mess he remained.
I nod silently.
Getting down on his knees, he picks up a few spare slivers of wood and carefully places them with the rest. Letting his eyes search about for a few moments, he finds no other little traces of the sculpture. Picking and pulling the small components of the structure, he sets them into a small pile in front of him.

Raising his hand to his mouth, he quickly pierces his thumb with a sharp canine and draws a small drop of blood. Pumping the small wound with a finger, he forces the black drop to grow and with a shake, fall onto the small sculpture's remains. Unlike a natural liquid, the bloody droplet simply seems to sink into its mass, which promptly proceeds to take on an unearthly and dark shade.

Closing his eyes with focus, Noct's odd aura seems to expand slightly; that field of simplistic strange expanding with the use of his power. The corpse of the little art piece dances and rolls before its creator's eyes and seems to reassemble itself, taking on a form perfectly before its demise.

One of Noct's two armed shards shakes violently, and white cracks begin to pierce its surface. With a groan, he arises to his feet, and grabs the small sculpture, observing it. By all regards, it was in perfect shape. Walking over to its rightful owner, he holds it out with his hand and flashes what could only be called a grin.


OOC: I need to work on my creative writing.
I stare at it in shock for a moment before taking it and inspecting it. "Th-thanks." It was exactly how it had been and all I could do was stare in shock.
Noct gives a small nod. Even though it looked precisely as it had before Solaris had ruined it, it seemed to have a miniature version of Noct's aura, even if it was steadily shrinking away. Said Wanderer gave his counterpart a cruel grin.

"Whether he's conscious or not, I need to punish him. I need rope, a bottle of booze, a lighter, and some fabric. Mind helping me out?"
I fish in my bag for a moment but am only able to produce the rope, lighter and some scrap fabric I had packed in case I needed it for wounds on the hike. The piece of fabric had a blood stain on it. I hand the articles to Noct. "Sorry but I don't travel with booze."
"Feh, doesn't matter. Tobi probably has something he's willing to spare."

He takes the small articles, raising a curious eyebrow at the bloodstain. "What's with the bloodstain?" He asks, jumping his regenerating brother and swiftly hogtying him.

Solaris lets out a semi-conscious groan at the rope, before having Noct's shoe planted sorely in his back and snapping him back to consciousness, and speaking up once again.

"Alistair, you and your master have any high-proof crap lying around? Something you don't mind throwing away?"

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