Darkest Heart II

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"You didn't have to shoot me!" Solaris complains, a hand clamped tightly at his side. Once again, the knife fractures apart and dissolves. However, rather than come straight at its target rear...

Those hundreds of colored fragments materialize once more. Imploding towards a central point, they form into the knife once again. This time around, the process seemed much slower, as the knife's visible edges stood testimony to. Whirling about in centripetal force, the knife rushed towards Mercedes once more, taking a diving angle from above towards her chest.

OOC: Stupid repeated words... I need to nuke that habit...
"You sent an unknown knife at me, of course I'm gonna shoot you!" Mercedes yells as she brings her own dagger up to knock the knife away when it comes within range.
A single word word of power rang out, stopping the knife, Solaris, and Mercedes dead in their tracks. "Herna!" None of them can move, not even twitch and barely breath. I glare at the pair, Argost in my hands, one of it's runes glowing. "Solaris, you'll loose the charged knife, or I'll permanently remove tongue and eyes alike. Mercedes, put away your knives and use those provided, or-" an explosion outside the wards catches everyones attention and the rune ceases to glow, releasing the three, the knife dropping to the ground. Alistair appears in the stairway and simply nods. I turn to the hunters. "Class is over. The war has begun." Several more explosions rock the manor and reality sinks in. It was time to do or die.

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