Darkest Heart II

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I catch the rope and start to coil it back up. "Well this is certainly interesting and all but when is Mr Helsing returning?"
"Dunno," Noct says with a shrug "But I hope he returns soon. I'm a little more worried about that angel that I saw earlier. I'm afraid he might show up when I'm unprepared and make me burst into flames of holy wrath..." he finishes along with a shudder.
I arch an eyebrow;
"There's definitely something off about you Noct.. but just what is it?"
I say, half wondering out loud.
Noct's smile takes up a wicked curve.

"Too much, Seraphim. Too much to even begin about," He pauses for a short moment. "But feel free to ask if something is bugging you."
"Well... I was wondering if you know what I gave to you back there was, 'cause I certainly don't."
I say, holding up the darkened vial with the murky black liquid.

In case you need your memory jogged.
I nod, looking over Noct;
I carefully open the vial, the lid an interesting combination of a dropper and tweezers. Gingerly reaching in with the tweezers, I pull out what looks like a shriveled purple almost black leaf. The entire thing is emanating a shadowy essence and almost seems... alive;
"Here, I think this will help."
I say, heavily stressing think.
I don't, I was busy solving computer issues. ...Why is minecraft so hard to get running with mods?!


"Ah... I believe it was a specimen from my side of the fence. Not a hundred percent sure what it was specifically, but it's probably a fragment from a Black One. Could explain all the energy that was in it, and the odd effect..." He states, gesturing to the shrinking black veins.

"Must've been a big one too. Though, I'm a bit curious as to how you got your hands on it..."
I put away the rope and make sure everything in my pack is how it should be. Closing the backpack I stand up and turn to Alistair. "May I have Shurimakto now please?"
My boots are heard as I walk into the room, grumbling about the brim of my hat getting singed. "Your sword can wait, Helen, for now, I need you all to listen to me."
I nod suppressing the urge to grumble as I give Mr Helsing my full attention.
"I have no idea how my family got ahold of it... The member of my family who did the entry on it was a bit eccentric to say the least.. About two thirds to three quarters of his entries are completely unreadable. As far as anyone's been able to tell, the crazy git came up with his own language.."
I say, shaking my head. Shaking myself from my reverie I look over at Tobi, giving him my full attention.
"I'd be glad to take a poke at it later. Might be useful."

He turns to Tobi, giving him his full attention. "Geez, never knew you were so hot-headed..." He jokes, but his eyes were clearly focused on the Helsing leader.
IC: Kain walked out of the shadows and looked at Tobi. No one really knew where he had been.
Once I was sure everyone was paying attention, I looked each of them in the eye. "Three of the four great clans have had numerous packs declare war on humanity and their leaders are being pressured to do the same for the whole pack."
"I guess you want us to do something about it?"
I whistle and grimace;
"Talk about bad news... do we have any confirmation on who's taken sides yet?"
I ask.
If you dropping, just say so...

Morph, I know...
War ... its your fault.
I will require a recap... I apologize for neglecting the poor thread.
It's an eyeball.

IC: Graal was paying sudden attention to this information. Curiosity. "Which clans? And color please... I... they sound the same to me. I can't just remember all of them at this time.""

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