Darkest Heart II

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everyone is in the chamber they fought Tobi in and just read zarkuns latest post on page four.
Everyone's back from the astral projection and Tobi has just walked in with some bad news (read post 68 & 73) Aside from that, you haven't really missed much.
I shake my head. "I'm not quite done. Of the three, one will have, by the time we start planning, declared war, the Hi Okami, one will be on the verge, the Kori Okami, and one will still be undecided, the Gin Okami. The only one with no reason among the packs is the Kaze Okami. So, with that knowledge, how do you react?"
Jenny looks nervous.

"An army of werewolves... great."

Skade snorts. "Och, Ah've nivver 'ad less'n guid luck wi' yon wolffies, an' methinks yer local packs en't nae muich o' nothin' by what Ah've seen. Jes' p'int meh t'ards yon pups an Ah'll taech 'em a bit aboot how Clan M'keth deals wi' their kind."
"No doubt they're being mobilized for a reason. If they've been living in peace for this long, why throw away their numbers and lives for nothing more than slaughter? Logically, that makes no sense... unless there's something we're missing." Noct thinks aloud, half speaking and half asking.

Solaris twitches on the ground, slowly coming out of his haze.
I think for a few moments;
"One, we go after the Hi Okami, fast and hard. This will probably drive the Kori to work with the Hi out of self-preservation and the other two could very easily chose a side or remain neutral. Another choice would be to see if we could get the other three to remain neutral or side with us..."
I sigh. "I agree with Jenny. But ... there has to be something we can do."
IC: "We need to find out what is causing them to rise up agaisnt humanity and remove the cause. If we cannot remove it then we will have to end this threat." Kain finally speaks up
"It wouldn't work. You're all, with the exception of Skade, still fairly young and many are inexperienced. For now, Darkova's government has asked that while I train you, we act as quieck response, shoring the weak points in defenses. The Hi Okami is the clan you faced tonight, and performed poorly, though admirably, against."
I nod, processing everything;
"Right.. who soon till we have a target?"
I ask.
"Whenever there's another attack. For now, we get you fed and rested. Your training begins tomorrow."
At the words "act as quick response" Skade starts grinning like a maniac.

Jenny swallows. She has only dealt with Scottish wolves, which tend to be larger and stronger, but solitary.
I smile when Tobi says we'll be getting to rest soon. "Soooo question: do we each get our own room or will we have roommates?"
"It's a large manor with over 200 or so guest rooms. A roommate is up to you."
I nod glad to be able to have a room to myself while I stayed. Though I did realize that Shuri would be staying in my room as well when she wasn't sleeping in her sword.
Though I did realize that Shuri would be staying in my room as well when she wasn't sleeping in her sword.

She better be...

I grunt;
"Plenty of room then... Just out of a random bit of curiosity, how many rooms have been in use at once?"
I ask.
"Three when my parents were alive, two currently." I shake my head, fighting back tears as memories of them come to the surface. "We never were ones to mingle in the manor due to our...neighbors."
I nod, thinking a bit of home;
"Fair enough.. not everyone settles in the friendliest of places."
"Skade doesnae really... sleep, much." Jenny looks around. "Looks like he's gone a'ready."

Indeed, Skade is nowhere to be seen.
I twitch slightly, looking around;
"That's slightly unnerving.."

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