Darkest Heart II

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I look around and shrug, turning and walking towards my study. "He's not gone far. The manor is locked down to prevent anyone going off alone." I stop and look Jenny in they eye, my own glinting with danger, skill, and kindness. "Do not underestimate the wolves of Darkova. Pack animals aren't necessarily weaker than your Scottish wolves." With that, I vanish into the hallway, leaving them to gather their things and find rooms.
I sigh and grab my stuff before heading over to Alistair. "You wouldn't happen to have a forge on the mansion grounds now would you?"
"I'm gang to bed," Jenny says. "I'd lock yer doors if I were you."

She picks up her dufflebag and walks off.
OOC: Aren't we still in the training arena? Which is in a damn pit?

"By god, it'll be nice to get a good snooze. I can't remember the last time I actually slept in a nice bed..." Noct says, a dreamy expression invading his face.

Solaris, however, groggily got to his feet. With a look of bewilderment in his eyes, he looks about worriedly. "What the hell happened while I was out? Brother looks like he's happy for once, there's a crazy Scottsman on the loose, and I seem to be missing the tesseract to my library!"

With a sigh, Noct remedies that last issue by throwing the small object to his brother, whom stuffs it in his pocket.
I sigh and shake my head;
"Well, at least there's no chance for boredom here.."
I say, sounding amused as I grab my things and head for a room.
Alistair nods, then shakes his head, realizing what Helen was thinking. "We do, but it's not your standard forge, and it's to be part of your training later. For now, report to a room and, should you feel the need, socialize." With that, Alistair turns and disappears into the hallway as well.
I sigh and start looking for a room. "I wasn't planning on using it right now." I say to no one in particular.
Jenny finds a decent room and begins unpacking.

"Ach, things donnae look too bad here," she muses.
Selecting a room, I settle in and follow Jenny's advice, locking my door.
I select a room towards the back of the mansion and begin to settle in as Shuri joins me. "Hi Shuri did you have fun exploring?"

"Yes I did." She says before she takes the form of a normal sized fox and curls up on the bed.

I look around the room kind of wishing Tobi or Alistair would bring me my sword.
"Abraham! It is dinner time. Get down here." His mother shouted from downstairs.

Abraham sighed and set down his game. (Helsing XI, Rise of the Blood Watch) And yelled "Coming Mom!" As he opened his door and started down the stairs. "What's for dinner?"

"Steak, potatoes and peas." His mom replied from the kitchen. "Your father cooked it." Abraham groaned involuntarily. His mother laughed. "Don't worry. I'm cutting off the burned parts now."

"Hey!" His father said defensively as he walked out of the kitchen carrying a pile of plates. "It is perfectly edible. In fact-"

A high pitched, sustained wail suddenly filled the air. The evacuation alarm. The TV (which had been playing the news till now) suddenly gave a loud hiss as the emergency broadcast cut in to the regular news broadcast.

"Citizens. We are being attacked by werewolves. Please evacuate town in an orderly manner. Take only what you can carry. The civil defense force is making a stand as we speak, but best mistime has them holding out for no more than 20 minutes. Citizens. We are being attacked by werewolves. Please evacuate town in..."

His father set the plates on the table and turned to the bookcase. He spent a moment pulling it sideways so he could access the back.

Abraham gaped. There were guns. Lots of them. There two a swords as well. One glimmered faintly in the light and the other looked silver. What was even more alarming was when his mother came in and started to arm herself.

His father was speaking to him. But he couldn't understand the words. The town was being attacked and mom had guns hidden in the house? How was this...

His father slapped him and Abraham felt his cheek smart. "Listen to me boy! Go to the Clearwater house and stay with them."

Ben's house? Why would they need him to go to Ben's house? "But Dad..."

"No argument! Go there now!" He grabbed Abraham and unceremoniously threw him out the door. "Go quickly son! Your life depends on this." The door shut with a slam.
I finish unpacking and leave the room closing the door behind me as I go to explore the mansion a bit.
OOC: Damn, missed a lot.

IC: I head up and choose a room and then subsequently begin unpacking. While unpacking, i notice a book that wasn't in there before. "What the- where did this come from?" Cautiously, i take a look at the cover. It said: "S___t_ _f _T__ __g__s" "I better have someone take a look at this." For now, i put it in a bookcase. Aferwards, i went to bed.

OOC2: Sideplot incoming! Will delay until ready to introduce as filler.
With the door secured, I hit the sack, quickly falling asleep.
After meandering about the mansion for a bit (and not to mention almost killing himself by tripping on the stairs...), Noct finally arrives at a nicely placed room. Pushing in the door and walking in, he shuts the door tightly behind him, locking it as he goes. Allowing the Night's Edge to tumble from his grasp, he ignored the weapon as it coiled onto the floor like it were some sort of serpent, all by itself. Too tired to even begin undressing, he simply falls into the bed, asleep before he even hit the mattress.

...As for Solaris, well. Woe betide those who met Noct's wandering, mischievous double. Though, one could hear quite a clatter issuing from the kitchen...
IC: Kain chose the darkest room that he could find away from everyone. He didn't like being here but so long as he was allowed to hunt he would stay. He didn't stay long in his room he left to stand in a room with a large window to gaze out. Kain didn't need much sleep and wouldn't sleep unless he had too.
Graal rests his back against the wall. Not wanting to get real involved with anyone else. He was showing discomfort with all of this. And it had shown clearly like a dark night with bright stars in the sky.
Ralan was twitchy. He was sure it was all the smoke. Werewolves have a much better sense of smell than humans, as well as a better set of instincts. His instincts were telling him to run from the fire mere meters behind him.

That and they were less than 50 miles from Helsing Manor. The plan was to be out before Helsing could get there. Since the civil defense force had only taken half the expected time to defeat, they would definitely get out before then. Unless they encountered problems.

The werewolf behind Ralan had his hands spread out like a man ready to embrace the wind. Except for one little detail.

There was fire flowing from both his hands. A pair of streams not much thicker than a baseball bat, but more than enough to set the houses on either side of them ablaze as he walked forward. There were at least two other groups doing this elsewhere in town. By sunrise this place would be a pile of ash. Ralan decided he was a little two close to those twin jets of fire and hastened his pace slightly.

He looked further down the street and noticed with alarm a pair of humans, it looked like a male and a female, charging at him. Humans with guns. Humans with guns pointed at him!

Only gentle puffs reached Ralan's ears as the bullets burned through him. They were using silencers and silver bullets. They must be hunters. He thought dully as his body hit the ground.

The flames danced over Ralan as the werewolf sent the stream at the humans. The male was hit and stumbled. His cries of pain began before he hit the ground. The woman dodged expertly and put a full clip into the werewolf who had just flamed the male. The remaining wolf jumped over fifty feet and landed on her, ripping out her throat as he did so. The werewolf got a sword to the gut for his trouble. He stumbled and hit the ground seconds after the female did.

Ralan painfully turned his face skyward to look at the clouds stained red by the sunset. They were beautiful.

And saddening. His last sunset.
I'm going to high jack this a little Zanon.

IC: High in the sky, among the clouds, a member of the Kaze Okami kept watch, making note of how quickly the pair of hunters fell to the Hi Okami. They were more organized than Ramulus realized and the Kaze wouldn't be able to offer Helsing any help until they were armed properly.

Only one of the groups setting flame to the village remained, the others had been removed by members of his clan, but unfortunately, none could get close to the remaining group. Curse that Beta and his careful planning for our interference... Fraden thought. They could not find the Alpha who had led the attack, only his Beta, and he had been waiting. Unable to close, the Kaze pack had dispersed. Fraden kept his vigilant watch however, reporting as needed via the wind. By the end of this month alone, more blood would be spilled, human and werewolf alike.
I'm going to high jack this a little Zanon.

Totally fine.

Also, Since this figured in more as a Werewolves VS Mankind as opposed to Evil VS Mankind, Altun will be sitting out for the most part. Hence my introduction of the kids and reintroduction of the Inquisitor way early on.

Jury is still out on Thom.

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