Darkest Heart II

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So we're going to be seeing more old characters making returns? Also, Altun has Noct freaking out, remember that promise of harsh words from earlier?

...And if there's a fire going on, wouldn't someone see it by now? A whole village going up would burn fairly black, and be pretty distinct... (Muses)
This first bit is Werewolves vs Mankind. It won't stay that way.
I wander the halls looking for Tobi, Alistair or just someone else. I was a bit sleepy but I kind of wanted Shurimakto back.
Jury is still out on Thom.

Glad you brought back the witch hunter though, or whatever the hell he is, totally awesome char.

Also, just as a heads up Zarkun, Seraphim's sub-plot is a bit different this time around. I might do the whole thing with the demon later on if the RP gets that far, but otherwise, different sub-plot.
OOC: I might start my mini-side-plot after the first mission.
Ah, werewolves... they have come along way from the legends of the "Skin-Walkers."

*light bulb*

Interesting idea. Must experiment.
Mercedes was ready to fight the beasts. She had been trained to destroy the animal-like creatures of the night. She quickly starts going across the dorms and chooses the one farthest from the stairway, and drops her crossbows and knives upon the desk within.

Borealis approaches Tobi. "Sir, may I sleep in the courtyard?"

Lalrye, within the house grabs a room and places his weaponry in the corner and collapses upon the bed.
Jenny glances over her shoulder as the woman walks by... what was her name? M something.

Oh well. She closes her door, locks it, hops into bed and turns out the lights.
Graal was walking up the steps of the stairs. Not wanting to to be near anyone else... at this moment. They were all extremely weird and freaky compared to him. Their behavior as if this was nothing! He walked past all of the dorms until he reached the last one. Graal opened the door and spotted Mercedes. "Sorry... I didn't know this was taken." He closed the door and took the room that was a couple of rooms down from Mercedes.
I return to my room and change into a nightgown before I slip into bed falling asleep shortly after my head hits the pillow.
I look up from the journal I'd been writing in, the family journal. We'd kept track of every significant monster uprising and war that had ever happened, from Dracula's rise to power to Gerwen's Werewolf rebellion against the vampires of Hope's Fall. Closing it and standing up, I shake my head no, sighing. "For fear of Skade slipping out, I, unfortunately, cannot allow it. For now, however, you can sleep in the indoor garden."
"Very well." The young druid responds, strolling to the indoor garden. When he arrived he felt more at home, but not as at home as the outside world. The air was not as natural, and the general feel was off. He preferred being able to look up at the night sky, or to sleep in a tree trunk, and the indoor garden wouldn't provide either of these things, but still it would be more comfortable than the quarters.
Abraham knocked hurriedly at the Clearwater's door as he cast a glance over his shoulder. The town was on fire in several places, though the blaze had not yet touched the Clearwater's street.

Seconds passed.

After what seemed like an eternity the door opened and Mr. Clearwater stood in the door. "Mr. Clearwater I came..." Abraham closed his eyes as Mr. Clearwater threw a bunch of glittering dust at him followed rapidly by a small cup of water.

"He is clean." Mr. Clearwater said to someone behind him. He opened the door all the way and all but dragged Abraham inside. "This way boy. We need to get you both out."

"Us both?" Abraham asked, feeling rather confused.

Mr. Clearwater took off his necklace and held it away from him. He began to speak rhythmically. "Open up the door/ which has never been revealed before/ So that those who hunt may save/ One whose heart is brave."

The floor began to vibrate and panels of wood began to sink into the floor, revealing a staircase. The bottom was dark for a moment before a small sphere on the wall glimmered on and began to emit light. Mrs. Clearwater came downstairs pulling Ben behind her.

She brought him to a stop beside Abraham. Mr. Clearwater sighed and rubbed his glasses on his shirt for a moment before putting them back on. "Ok boys. A lot has been kept from you. Abraham, you come from a long line of hunters. Your parents-"

Abraham interrupted. "My parents were hunters? But how is that-"

"Quiet boy!" Mr. Clearwater thundered. "I am trying to tell you about thing I would rather have weeks to cover. Anyway... Your parents retired when your mother got pregnant. They wanted out of hunting and managed to stay out until today."

Mr. Clearwater took a deep breath and turned to his sun Ben. "Benjamin. Our family has been in the business of making weapons for hunters for five generations. This tunnel," He pointed to the stairs in the floor. "Is an escape rout to the builders. Your mother and I can't go with you, because the wards will kill anyone over 20... It was meant to be an escape rout for children only."

Mr. Clearwater and his wife hugged their son tightly. "Go with Abraham. Quickly, the lights won't last long."

Ben's voice sounded like he was on the edge of tears. "How will you and Mom get out?"

Mr. Clearwater smiled. "We will take the car silly. And walk if the traffic is backed up. Now go!"

Abraham mutely took Ben's shoulder and squeezed reassuringly. They both walked down the stairs and into the tunnel. The floor closed behind them.

Neither Abraham Longstride or Benjamin Clearwater would ever see their parents again.
OOC: Zanon...are you an award-winning writer? Cause it sounds like you are XD. But seriously, you write good.
A dark storm covers the out-of-the-way road leading to Helsing manor, and the young figure walking down it. Lightning strikes and the flash shows his right side, the demonic twist of an arm, and the unnatural eye colour. After starting to become irritated by the darkness of the storm, the boy flicks his right arm an a flame engulfs his hand. This flame was slightly irregular, as it burned greater and with more ferocity than a normal flame of its size, yet produced less light, but it was enough for the boy to see.

He comes upon the gates of the Helsing's Manor. He thinks to himself. Why would a monster hunter be so out of the way? Would it not make the response time to cries for help ever longer? He shakes his head and dispels the flame upon his twisted hand. He pushes out his left arm, one that is completely human like, and pushes against the gate to have it open. In a backlash of the wards placed upon the grounds, he his fired back, a distance away. He struggles to arise from his spot on the ground, most of the pain concentrates upon his head around his eyes, and his right arm. The places that are filled with the most taint. These locations have a hue of golden around them for a time, the signs of the wards attack, but as the effects of the ward subside, so does the pain.

He approaches the gate again, but instead of trying to open it he create another bout of Demon-fire. He holds his arm high above his head, the fire starting to consume most of his arm. Although its range of the providing of light was quite limited, it was very well seen from the manor's windows.

Flecks of stone fell off the Archangel in a cone behind it as it leaped off its podium. Altun hit the ground with a mighty thud and stopped muting his Holy Light. His armor cast light in all directions, slicing through the shadows around the manor like a scythe passes through grain in the field.

Altun spread his wings to either side of himself casually and lifted his sword upright.
"Begone Hellspawn, or you will taste the wrath of an Archangel."
"What the..." The young boy whispers to himself as the archangel's statue breaks from its podium. As it approaches and voice booms down upon the boy, he cowers. "I do not seek to cause harm, and this storm was not my doing. I am a mortal. I beat off the will of a demon seeking to taint my world. I was simply cursed with the signs of his taint. Though as it is a curse, it gave me strength, and the ability to call upon the supernatural devilries you witnessed me wielding."

The boy, now backing away slowly speaks his name and purpose, "I am Vezlo Kearli. I simply seek to join the hunt of a man by the name of Tobi van Helsing." The boy was starting to feel pain just from the presence of the archangel, his arm flaring up. "I do not know who this man is, or what he has accomplished, all I know is that he is a hunter of the darkened beasts, and I seek to destroy them as well."

He looks up at the great archangel with pleading eyes. "I am no hellspawn, just one who has learned to harness their powers, and have been touched by their taint. You must feel the humanity in me. I understand I am not innocent in any sense, I have seen and done too much to be so, but I am no demon."
Altun does not move, but the Holy Light of his armor is no longer so bright that it burns your tainted skin. That by itself is a relief, but the sword has not moved an inch since he issued his original challenge.

"What has motivated you to come here to hunt... And perhaps the more important question... What makes you believe that you are worthy?"

The blade vanishes in a flash of light and the Archangel stands tall. "Those are the questions you must answer before I lower the wards. Lie to me at your own risk."
"I... I have seen the supernatural where others haven't, and ever since I arrived here I have been selling my services to fight the beasts of the night, as it has been the only way for my survival. Over my time here I have grown an extreme hate for these beasts from what they have wrought upon the people. I was approached by a man, he gave no name, and I saw no face. He gave me something. It was telling me of the hunt gathering here. I wish to destroy the beasts of the night, and perhaps even redeem myself for the taint I have been struck with." Vezlo answers the first question.

He proceeds to answer the second question. "I do not believe I am of worth to work with those who fight using powers that are not demonic, but neutral, or even holy. But I believe my strength in the use of the devilries could be a great assistance. I am not a warrior of the light, but I am a fighter against the evils, using their own strength against them. I wish to assist the best I can." Vezlo starts to stand. "My worth is not one of holiness, or of even goodness, but one of he who fights against the darkness, be it for a living, for vengeance, or to right past wrongs. All of which I aim to do. If I succeed I believe I will have gained the worth of your trust."
"Your motives are selfish but you do not delude yourself into thinking otherwise. I am satisfied. You may enter the manor grounds."

Altun takes a few steps backward and flaps his wings powerfully once. He is lifted off the ground and lands on the pedestal. Helsing was gathering stranger and stranger company. The child was fortunate. If they had met in his first few days of arriving here... Altun knew he would not have bothered to hear the boy out.

But since Ravener...

Much had changed.

Slivers of stone slide across the ground and begin to reform the thin crust that surrounds the Archangel. Within this solitude he would think until he was at piece with himself or he was needed.

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