Darkest Heart II

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"I thank you." Vezlo says with a nod to the great archangel. Hesitantly he passes through the gate and walks towards the great manor, his demon arm tense after the encounter with the guardian of the manor, mainly from the pain. He raises his human arm and knocks upon the door. He looks upon the many windows and the lights outside of the manor doors. His eyes slightly pained by the bright light, as ever since the transformation they were slightly more capable of seeing in the dark, and dilating much faster, but readjusted to light quite slowly, which is why he prefers his Demon-fire over a lamp or torch.

Mercedes removes her pieces of armor, reducing the weight upon her bones. She sets it down upon the desk, near her weapons. She had not even bothered to take heed of Graal. The huntress moves the location of her weapons to next the bed, and she slips under. If there was even the slightest disturbance at the door to the room she would be able to awaken and aim crossbows at the door.

The young druid brings himself to a large tree he finds suitable in the garden. He climbs the trunk to the canopy. The branches start to thicken near the top, and even reach out to each other, providing Borealis a place to rest. He adjusts himself, and whispers a thanks to the tree as he falls into a slumber.

Lalrye holds his knife, admiring it, slowly twisting it around in his hand. He was tempted to do one of his blood rituals, but refrained, due to Tobi's hatred of such things. To satisfy it he pulls out a small item, odd in texture, seeming like a metal, but it was as soft as wood. He plunges the end of his knife into it, and starts carving a picture. It would not be one of greatness, it was going to show the symbols for his four used elements, and what their preferred forms are as essences. He works upon ice, his favorite, although not the most practical.
Alistair was still searching for Skade when the knock came from the door and he frowned deeply. There were not to be more hunters as of yet, if at all. Certainly he had gone and found many of them on whatever planet they resided, but...shaking his head and frowning deeper, he drew Arbiter from his sheath on his back and walked down the stairs from the second floor, slowly approaching the door. "Sound your name or know the bite of my blade." He could feel the demonic taint standing on the other side of the door and pondered on how such a thing got past the wards, let alone that blasted arch angel.
"Vezlo Kearli is my name!" The boy yells back. His arm was prepared to block a strike coming from within.
Alistair's frown deepens and Arbiter quivers in excitement at the possibility of a fight as he slowly approaches the door. "I did not send for a Vezlo Kearli. I can sense our taint. Speak your intentions and Arbiter will determine their truthfulness."

Edit-For those who were wondering, yes I will be bringing Zarrath back and I ask, for the sake of sanity and RP alike, that you put religious views aside concerning his backstory. The RP he originates from has a unique view on god hood and such and so I ask you to please give him a chance and roll with the back story.
I had a horrible thought that might occur to Alistair.

What if whatever this was took down the wards and killed the Archangel without making a sound. Not very likely, (and not the truth) but a scary thought all the same.
Hence him asking how it got past the Archangel.

Wouldn't people hear the loud explosions? Furthermore, the Archangel's power would probably leak into the air, and taint the man's aura? Getting rid of that would be no small feat...


The practical circus of culinary action in the kitchen ceased. With a lone clatter filled with finality, Solaris emerged from the kitchen wielding a small plate of food. With happy eyes, he takes a small bite and walks down the hall, searching for a place to rest and eat.
A voice comes from just behind Alistair's shoulder.

"OCh, soonds laek a wee one. Best let 'im in, an' if 'e's nae friend o' your'n ah'll take care o' 'im"
"My intention is to join the gathering hunt. My informant was a stranger who gave nothing but a slip of paper." Vezlo answers. He hears the other man, not understanding a word he says. "What has he said?" Vezlo asks, a quizzical look across his face.
KO, you rock. Gotta love that accent.

Seraphim turns over in his sleep, dreaming of home.
Real quick SF, the door hasn't been opened.

IC: "You need to report to a room, Skade." Arbiter sighed to Alistair, indicating the truthfulness of the boy's words and Alistair opened the door quickly, pulling him in and closing it again. "Explain your taint."
"A demon had assaulted my world, it was only its power that came, and it was a power of taint. I was the only one capable of fighting off the demon's power. My will was adamant, but was not enough to keep my unscathed. My arm was morphed, and my eyes slightly changed, but still I have the mind and will of a human. I cannot remember an event before the demon." Vezlo answers, slightly tired from the time he spent on his way here and his speech to the archangel.
Alistair frowns even deeper then shakes his head in consternation, not wanting to debate it right now. "Fine, find a room and rest. You can speak with Master Tobi in the morning."
"My thanks." Vezlo nods his head and approaches the rooms. He moves towards one and knocks on the door, hearing no reply he enters. He removes his chest plate, but the rest he leaves on as he falls into the bed, falling into a sleep.
OOC: Been playing too much Black Ops 2...XD PC ofc. SCREW YOU XBOX! (No offense to all you xbox fanboys out there readin this)

IC: I have an odd dream, one that i cannot make sense of. All that there seemed to be was a space full of light, and something around there that seems somewhat familiar.
Muttering something about a demon he once killed, Skade disappears again, presumably heading for a room.
Noct was happily lying beneath the sheets in his room, curled up and asleep. Though, one could call what he was experiencing sleep erroneously, as sleep begets the idea of dreams of which the man had none. Rather, the Wanderer had simply entered a state of controlled unconsciousness, his brain shutting down in order to recuperate. With a gentle sigh he turns over in his bed, a soft smile painting his lips.

As for his companion... Well.

The younger of the pair stared into the main lobby, courtesy of a nicely sized window. Bearing witness to the recent events, he gently turns his golden eyes away and sneaks towards the estate's driveway. Giving great care to the Archangel's statue (to which he gave a very, very wide berth), he snuck out to the border of the Helsing estate.

Pawing a pair of unusual silvery coins in his pocket, Solaris dons a grin that could consume watermelons without great difficulty. Letting out a short string of cackles, he takes off towards the nearest town at an unmatched sprint.

"To the pub!"

OOC: Don't know why, but Solaris is deliriously fun to write as.
I sense an []amazing[/i] sub-plot making itself known...


Skade doesn't miss much, and as Solaris, whom the Scot would call "a wee mite daft," has a follower.

TO the pub indeed.
Never planned on making it a subplot, it was a simple conclusion until we timeskipped to the morning. But, it never hurt before to go off the rails for a little bit...


Solaris thought as he walked. Ideas, ideas and more ideas presented themselves. Some would undoubtedly be fun and entertaining. Some others, however, would be less safe, but equally as if not more-so fun. Clutching at his brother's stolen coins, he continues to sprint at an almost inhuman rate, unaware of his unknown follower.
Oh for the love of, THE MANOR IS SEALED AND LOCKED DOWN. I even said that IC...

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