Darkest Heart II

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Should have done that timeskip sooner...
I couldn't until Skade was IN a bedroom. Freaking a, at least ask if I've already got plans first.
Solaris becomes aware of the unusual man walking alongside him. Skade is not one to miss an opportunity to have someone else buy his drinks.

"OCH, ye'd best nae be wanderin' aboot at this taem o' night, laddie. Yer lad 'Elsing'll 'ave yer 'ide if 'e catches yer oot."

EDIT @ ZARKUN - Just cut the twain out of the plan. Can't 'urt.
The Witch Hunter walked briskly down the sidewalk, effortlessly avoiding pedestrians going both directions. His hat was once again pulled low to hide his face from the passerby and also served to shield his face from the moonlight. Not that the moonlight bothered him or anything like that...

He pushed open the door of a building labeled: "Malak's Bar and Grill" and entered quietly. No one noticed him. All eyes in the room were on a man in a corner sitting on a table who was singing as he plucked at the strings of a small harp. This man wore simple clothing with a single notable exception. A cloak that looked like a patchwork of haphazardly sown on pieces of nearly every color, from the brightest pinks to the darkest blacks to the most beautiful teals.

Not that the witch hunter could see any of these colors. Just knowing that there was such a beautiful display of color just across the room almost... hurt. He would never again see a vibrant red or a dull black, and meeting the Gleeman (for that was the title of the cloaked man) only served to bring up memories of colors he would never again see.

Each of those pieces of cloth represented a separate story or song the Gleeman had learned on his travels. Even now he was singing a song the Witch Hunter recognized. The story of a Knight on a hopeless quest. The slow and sad tune filled the quiet room in a way no loud and rowdy tune could. It was sobering to think how such sorrowful music could demand so much attention.

And yet you must go
Over mountains high and low
To where the sun does not glow
Nor is the earth fit to sow

For Fate does call...
So ye must stand tall...
For you advance... For the good... of... all...

The Gleeman gave a particularly soft pluck at the last note on the harp and it took several seconds to fade. The Gleeman rose and bowed with a flourish of his cloak. Applause filled the room and the Gleeman held up his hands for silence. "You all flatter an old man like myself with your applause. Have an excellent evening all of you, and don't forget to drop something in the harp case! Dinner doesn't pay for itself as you all know."

There was a round of snickers and one "Heh. Don't I know it." from different points in the room. Conversations started and soon everyone was once again lost in their own business. The Gleeman looked over at the door an beckoned the figure with hidden eyes to his table.

There was much to discuss.
Zanon, you rock.
Right, well, if morrjo would do his thing, I could time skip already.
Another excellent Zanon post.

YOu seem more comfortable with the fantasy setting than the sci-fi... is that your usual topic, elsewhere?

04/26/2013 02:41 AMPosted by Zanon
Malak's Bar and Grill"

Malak? Really?

Appologies. I was unable to access B.net. Phone died again. Last time I use dd and hit * by accident. All the worse I had an authenticator...

I was planning on having Solaris outside of the mansion during the time-skip, and have him returned once we were on the other end of it. Is that okay?


It took him a while to decode Skade's thick accent, but Solaris shrugged. "That means he'll do you in too while he's at it. At least I can live through it, and besides," he pulled out a bit of mischievous grin. "I have buisness to attend to. Private stuff, if you will."
"Eh, and yer 'prifate stoff en't nae concern o' mahn, methinks. Just bah meh a drank and Ah'll let it lie."
With an elaborate gesture, Noct's brother flicks the coin towards Skade. On closer observation, the shining coin was a brilliant silver color, and two I's and R's could be seen, perpendicularly intersecting one another through the center of the coin. Whatever material it was wrought from, the small disk was definitely weighty and had a nearly magical attraction to its sheen.

"Platinum-iridium alloy. It counts as universal change, so just bring it into a jewelers' for quick cash. They're nearly universal currency, and they're worth a fair bit." A pause. "Only question is, how much can you drink at once?"

Solaris's smirk was something to behold at this point. One could see the lights dancing about in his eyes despite the darkness around the pair.

No doubt it was going to be a long night.

OOC: Ready for time skip.
Thank you.

The next morning

Alistair moves from room to room, pounding on the doors and waking up their occupants. "It is time to awake. Do so quickly or you'll have water dumped on you."
Mercedes was already awaking and equipping her armor by the time Alistair had reached her door, she was just about to open it when he knocked, waiting about four seconds she steps out.

Lalrye groans. "Just two more hours," but knowing that wasn't an option he drowsily gets to his feet. He throws the odd brick over to the bed and straps his weapons on his hips. He pushes open the door to see the water ready to be thrown on him, in response he yells, "Woah there! I'm up! I'm up!"

Vezlo arises, the right side of the quilt he lies upon in tatters, from the raking of his arm. He shakes his head in displeasure, and quickly exits the room, leaving his arm apparent to all.

Borealis stills slumbers within his tree, the branch poking him. After several minutes of prodding Borealis stirs and falls from the tree, landing on his feet. He stretches and yawns, moving towards the common area.
Rolling out of bed, I throw on my gear, wincing at having slept in my clothes;
"I'm up... where to first?.."
I ask Alistair as I step out into the hall.
I get out of bed and change into some regular clothes with my armor as the outer layer. I grab my gear and follow Alistair Shuri not far behind still in her 'normal fox' form.
By the time Seraphim and Helen are out of their rooms, Alistair is gone, but hovering in the hall is a note telling everyone to report to the dining room.
I chuckle and scratch the back of my head, heading for the dining room.
IC: I get out of bed and dress myself. After walking out of the room, i see the note and head to the dining room.
You guys is lame -.-
Noct was happy. For once in his estranged life, he actually managed to get a half-decent sleep in. The bed was warm, he was comfortable, and all was right with life. He snuggles into the sheets a little bit deeper and gently cracks open a sleep-encrusted eye.


What lay before him was not a sight our sleep-slowed wanderer was able to comprehend. Blinking and opening a second eye, he slowly tried to piece together what this mysterious object before him was.

And the gold blinked.

Something was terribly, terribly wrong. He knew it almost by instinct. Inanimate objects don't move, and nor do they focus... He thought, using that path to keep awake. His eyes focused in a little more, bringing in more detail.

...Eyes. Golden. Golden Eyes...

Noct's own widened in horror.

"Suh... Suh..."

"Come on now, brother. Say it with me now..."

Cue the eardrum-busting shriek followed by a loud thud as Noct hit the floor. Bolting to his feet and grabbing his weapon, he leveled it at his estranged brother.

OOC: Will complete the rest later. Have almost no time.

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