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Will not be on as much guys. Computer has been fried.

I can not seem to find a thread titled "Bloody Haze"

Correct. In Glory We Return suffered from inattention for a few days and lost its following. I am going to continue the story biased on what happened so far.

Save for one big difference.

Brigadier General Wells is the bad guy.
Kind of... You will see what I mean when I write it.

Decided to try to experiment with an idea for an RP.
Hello guys! I am a new RP'er, and am starting a new RP thread Project RedBlade.

Feel free to check it out, and provide some constructive criticism as I am very new here. The existing thread is a discussion/sign up thread, the story thread will be launching in the next few days. Thanks!
I grab Nukester by the scruff and lift him up, heading for the door. "Your character's death was confirmed multiple times." Pushing the door open, I punt him into the brick wall across the street, nodding in satisfaction as his head goes through. "No resurrecting a confirmed kill."
Unless Zanon sez otherwise.
Unless... Bring out the Necromancy.
*Strides into bar whistling with a grin*
"What's going on in this thre-"
*grin fades*
*Backs out of bar*
Bring out the Necromancy.


"No. No. We need more than Necromorphs to deal with this threat... We need an Isaac Necromorph that retains its intelligence."
I've found a new free forum tool for the site which allows the use of polls, pictures, and videos. It also includes a very in depth admin - moderator - user status account settings.

The chat box will receive revisions in the future, so that it's glitch free.

You now have unlimited space for you personas, as long as the files/ pictures / music / videos you upload are 10mb or less per file, which should not be a problem, considering you can embed the videos & pictures so they don't use any space. Music can be embedded through youtube videos as well. I don't think you'll need that space, but you can upload say word files, PFDs, etc.

Coming up

Advanced News widget
Link library

Once the sit is done, it will be officially open to everyone.
*Comes in shuddering*

"I... I was helping people out today, and... this" I say, putting a clawlike hand over my heart, "strange fuzzy feeling seems to have rooted in my chest... It feels so odd, what is it?"

I say, with a bit of worry in my voice.
"Either some sort of emotion that people consider good, or a chest burster. I hope it's the latter."
"Me too. Because emotions... eugh. As an eldrich abomination, that worries me. Humans are crazy, not insane!" I say with a bit of a chuckle.
I look at morrjo and SF, shaking my head in disappointment. "You've a lot to learn. You are feeling emotion, specifically fulfillment. It happens when you help others."
"Well, I must deal with that at once."

With a few clawing motions, I tear out a small, black pulsing organ from my chest. With a wick of my arm, I quickly crush it and leave a small pile of mush on the floor. I tap it, and it dissolves into black sparks.

"There. That shouldn't bother me anymo-"

I quickly keel over from a heart attack, and lay on the floor.

You have been weighed.
You have been measured.
And you have not been found lacking.

If you are willing to participate, I am looking for a second Protoss character/warrior for the Bloody Haze RP.

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