Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 22)

Joeyray's Bar
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"My friends are seeing it today or tomorrow, I believe. I am not because, well, I am don't know why I chose not to. 'Tis not the forums. Probably laziness/cheapness."
"Anything special in it?"
I ask, pouring one and a bloody medic for myself.
I reach over and toss War back on the other side of the counter, refraining from using the typical bar owner shotgun. "I can't let you do that!"
"Define special?" I ask, eyes glued to my drink, "If you mean twenty thousand WTF moments, then yes, it was very special."
"What?!? I'm putting everything on the right tabs!!"
I say, showing Zarkun.

Oh, btw Zarkun, I believe Morph's char in DH is looking for Alistair or Tobi.
"Zarkun, what should I know before I make a post of return to Darkest Heart? Oh, and people, what do you think Rak'nashal/the 'Demon' would look like in a physical form?"
"I still can't, otherwise I lose the job."

Just that the werewolves are declaring war on humanity, well, three clans are, and you're supposed to be finding rooms. Also, I know.
Fine. Just finish pouring the drinks then...


Big, and demonic (Warhammer style, not the typical sulfur and brimstone kind)
I can't leave the room for five minutes without a fight breaking out, can I?

Abathur, serve them something strong.
I'll stick to my bloody medic thank you very much.. although throwing in a shot of prismatic void sounds good.
"Like Khorne or one of his daemons, Warhawk?"
You already know what I think, SF.
I was thinkng more along the lines of a mashup between a greater demon of Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Khorne. No idea about the percentages for which it would be pull from though.
"...I have forgotten. Is it like Khorne and his daemons with you? In response to Warhawk, ah."
New bar is up.
Fill this one first, as usual.
But what if someone simply chose to not fill this one up? What if this person came under the deep, moral conviction that it was necessary to post in the other thread first? What if it was more efficient for them? What if their profession required them not to fill up this thread first?

What if the only way to save a single child's life was to post there first?

What if their culture dictated that they post there first? What if their personal preference was to post in threads before the old ones were filled?

Are you some sort of racist? A discriminatory maniac? You insist that people abide by your particular petty scruple when they have every right to do as they please!

You sir, are a bigot. I'll see you in court on behalf of every newthreadposter in America.

And Canada.
I see that you have failed to post in the new thread though...

It seems that you lack conviction in your cause KO.
Are you saying I have to be a troll to advocate troll rights? You, sir, are also a bigot. I'll see you in court to.

*hands over subpoena*
"Zanon is not a bigot. He is a glorious, yet tyrannical, dictator."
"uh hm, right... We'll see about that..."

*Begins covering KO in thermite*

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