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Does anyone think Dacder would mind if I used my Overlord Portrait?
Chocolate creamy custard cake cooked concurrently con coconuts.
Organism ThaneKrios. Dislikes impressions.
Abathur, I needs a physical.
"Smylez, you need to fall down a set of stairs and land on your head. Might help."
I fell off Mount Everest and landed on my head.

Definition of term "physical" unknown. Must experiment.

Here ya go. It's called Google.

Interesting. Will begin work.

*grabs SMylez*
"You ever reenter the atmosphere without protection?"
So, how we doing this?

"You ever reenter the atmosphere without protection?"

Do you use protection?
"You ever reenter the atmosphere without protection?"

So much innuendo... you gonna get banned, man.

Am beginning physical. Running hernia check...
"..." I down a Baneling Body Shot before speaking. "Not what I meant."

Food for thought.
I have realized once again that if I talk about plans for an RP I will never make the RP. I will have to just make one.
You better. I have invested far too much to see it go up in flames.

dun dun dun!
Invested in whaaaaaat?
Creative juice.

Due to some recent events in my life, I have realized that I have made many mistakes in my school year that could have been easily avoided if I had just payed attention more. As such, I am making a few changes to ensure I don't make the same mistake:
  • I am posting less frequently here until some unspecified point, possibly once summer starts.
  • I will have less activity in the Chat frequented by some of the RPers.
  • "I'll take a prismatic void and some pylon powered jellybeans."
    I punt SF into the brick wall across the street. "No grammar n@zis."

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