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Well she's going to have a subconscious urge to try and evolve. Whether or not that's through finding genetic data (which she might not consciously understand, but subconsciously she would be able to experiment on herself), or just fighting over and over again to adapt to new fighting styles or enemies.
Interesting. So far... Cynthia is gonna be a hard student for Zack. XD
XD Well Zack should be having similar tendancies...
And if She was turned into a Changeling by Zack, that means she is now technically his and Laura's biological daughter, seeing as her previous genetic data would have been overwritten by the new code.
Wow... that is very interesting.
So she ain't related to her Brother, Korzis. Or her father(Zaros) and her mother(Shade)?
Nope, not by genetics anymore. The only thing technically binding her to them in the first place is their memories of her being such, and the body that once was their genetic kin.
Very interesting... Jester made an excellent point on DA. If it overwritten her genetic code... how come she isn't siblings with them but instead a daughter? I just found this confusing.

I wonder how Zarkun will react to this?
Because technically she is their spawn. Laura's and Zack's DNA are both mixed with the Changeling DNA, which as a total was passed to Cynthia.
Laura gave Zack a more pure form of DNA, leaving out the Terran part of it, making him and her equals.

However, Zack wouldn't have seen that, and given Cynthia the complete batch.

She is technically one half Terran, A quarter Zerg, and a quarter Protoss. ^^
Oh... So she's their daughter because it's both of their DNA... Gotcha. I learn something new everyday and I wonder how emotional Zack is gonna get.
You know, you couldn't have dropped that bombshell on me when you made Zack a Changeling?
!@#$ is gonna get interesting. If I don't say so myself.
It didn't cross my mind that he'd be going around making little tiny Zack Changelings. ^^
This was last minute, I swear!


soooo many comments... none of which I'm going to say...
War, don't you dare.
Heh heh.

gotta choose a good one...
I will find you, and devour all that you hold dear. In a burrito.
In a slenderburrito.
It's perfect now... But still, that's an interesting turn of events.
Snort, chuckle, ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh heh..

I have MORE comments now... thanks for the ammo.
I hereby declare...

If you force me to devour things, in order to devour me along with said things...

I will murder you from the inside.
CR changed it, not me. I'll just eat it in a regular Burrito.

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