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I welcome you to check out our new community, the Heartland Hitmen. We're found easily at You can find out community easily as well at

Who are we? As a relatively new clan, we've hit 50 members and have exploded with various helpful resources for the bronze players all the way to our master's player. We've hosted one tournament already, have another one scheduled in two weeks. Sign up now!

What kind of players are we looking for? Everyone, while I don’t imagine we will recruit Diamond or Masters players, we do sit in the Silver, Gold Platinum sphere of ability. We’re interested in recruiting players who are struggling in bronze, who are new to the game, or those who don’t ladder at all. Also we can find Diamond and Master’s players who are interested in coaching some of us along, we’re going to welcome that as well?

So there’s not much here? Well right now we’re just getting started. We’ve played StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty for over a year, and now we want to achieve greater things. While laddering offers some potential for learning, there’s a ton of value in inner-clan skirmishes. A friendly environment where its not impossible to try new strategies, builds, etc. So with that, its on us, and any potential recruitable members to help grow the community.

What are our goals? Very simply, its to get better at StarCraft with other people. But this offers a chance to have a bit more fun that usual, to talk about StarCraft outside of the game, and to get forced to try/see new things just by simply playing with others consistently. We’re interested in creating an intimate environment of less than two dozen active members. We’re not out to recruit a large quantity of members, we need quality members.

What’s your plan with good members? It would be wonderful to be able to host inner-clan tournaments, and other clan oriented competitions, but that will come in time. For now, its time to adjust to HOTS. Its a new game that offers new challenges. But we will schedule weekly meetings for practices and different events to keep things moving along.

I really hope you find what you’re looking for here. I know it is not much right now, but if you give us a chance and put some effort into it, together we can make something quite great. Who knows where the cap on potential lays? But if you love StarCraft, you’re looking to improve, looking for a community that loves to goof around and get serious, and want more than just a general gaming experience, I strongly recommend you sign up on our forums and become a member of the Heartland Hitmen.

I noticed you were interested in "inner-clan tournaments." I'm assuming you meant inter-clan tournaments. If you'd like to schedule an inter-clan tournament against our team, e-mail :)
Actually it's just as it sounds Truth.

We do a lot of activities just within the clan, like tournaments against each other as well as our fun little battles with each other. It's a good chance to watch each other, give each other our comments and ideas, as well as play in and improve ourselves.

To be honest I've been with HH pretty early in the beginning of the clan, and all I can say is that if it weren't for these guys I wouldn't be as good as I have been getting, and wouldn't be enjoying it as much. If you are looking for a group to practice with, or just to talk strategy and have a little fun with, come by and give the Heartland Hitmen a try.

You won't regret it ;)
as I understand this is a multi-league group who help each other and sometimes there are for-fun tournaments within the group(segregated by league im guessing). is this right? If so, as a bronze terran struggling alot, how would I join this group?
also i have hots, any issues in that?
@uotrilis Most of us play on HoTS so that's not an issue at all. If you wanted to join you would sign up over at our forums at:

We have a few bronze players as well as silver gold players who would be more then happy to play a few games with you and help you out. Im a silver level terran and i have been facing some of out gold/plat players and found out that if i can last *insert an amount of time here* against them, then all i have to do is the same thing and be a bit agresseve when i'm on the ladder and i steam roll right through them.

Hope this help :)
Just bumping, we've finished out our second major tournament yesterday!

You can watch the results here:

Also we're accepting all members as always. oHHo will always be a place that can be what YOU make of it. If you want to, if you want to compete...compete, if you want to cast...cast, want to try something radical? Go for it!

You will find a good, mature, and fun home here with the Heartland Hitmen. But we know how to goof around too. If you're checking us out, I hope you find what you're looking for! :D
And the VODs are complete! 30 great games to watch from last weekend.
Our next tournament is scheduled for May 11th, its open to everyone!
oHHo is a great place to be for anybody who basically wants to get better and have a good time. Check it out!
Welcome back! The Heartland Hitmen will be hosting their fifth official SC2 tournament on June 15th, 2013. This tournament will be a 1v1 tournament that features five divisions (Bronze/Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond & Masters/GM). If you know the drill and you’re ready to sign up you can do so here: Sign up for the [oHHo] June Bug 1v1 SC2 Tournament

The division schedule will stagger its starts like the last time in order to help staff and volunteers ease the load and also to help keep casting organized and fresh.

More information:

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