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Me and some clan mates are looking to have a clan war. If interested hit me up on the forums.

All players that we would field would be master league so hoping opposing clan would be using master quality players as well.

I'm thinking a First to 3 win series proleague style. Maybe a 2V2 as a final game if the match is tied at 2-2.

I am willing to discuss potential rules and all that. This is for fun and will probably be streamed ^^

If you're interested, We'd be able to field 4-5, but would probably end up with a few diamonds. Depending on scheduling, we'd have a casted stream. Let me know! will get a quicker response! :)
Okay cool. So you guys would field mostly masters with a diamond or two?

Yeah we may cast too for funsies

Ill shoot you an email shortly, and we can always chat online later tonight.
FEVER Is Always Doing Weekly Clan wars. We have ALOT of diamond / Masters Players Amist our Ranks.

If You'd like to set somthing up....
Contact @Blzaemost At With a PM

Blazemosts Link:

As He Helps The Clan With Managing Clan wars.
I'm still looking!
I will cast if needed and stream it
Still looking....

P.S I don't want to have to go to your clans website and create an account just to set up a clan war...

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