Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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'Kelly' responds to the ice blasts with large bursts of fire, melting away the ice. She then tosses fireballs downrange at Cayl, while re-enforcing her own rock shield.
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I freeze in the middle of what I'm doing and curse. "Be right back." I blink to Cynthia's location and snap her arm, kicking her away from Loni. "Cynthia, control yourself."

I chuckle and round the corner into the cafeteria. "Anything specific you want to eat?"

I knock the fireballs aside, splitting the last one down the middle and shattering her shield again, firing off earth spikes, ice spikes, and fireballs as I close the gap, readying a strike with air.
can someone tell me what is going on?
Can someone tell me where the hell all the everyone else is?
OOC: Sam and Tari are stuck in Tari's ship having fun. for the rest I don't know.
OOC: Sam and Tari are stuck in Tari's ship having fun. for the rest I don't know.

This, Cayl, Kelly, and Ceas are in a sparring arena, with Cayl and Ceas attempting to contain, Terance and Alicia are in the cafeteria, and everyone else is as well, presumably. Shear and Greggor are in their rooms.
I broke back the tears as I hit the floor with a thud. Dazed with what just happened in the first couple seconds. Thoughts coursing...[i] I'm going to kill that abomination! Why wont he let me![/i More and more thoughts racing through as energy as black as night came piercing out of the wall and held Loni up high.

A trickle of blood was running down her mouth. It had barely missed her heart as she got out of the way... Not in time though. Eyes of sorrow.

Eyes of hate came from me. Trying to pick myself up.
I spin my Void blade and sever the tentacle of energy before encasing Loni in a field of Void Energy, protecting her from further harm. "Cynthia! Will you blame her for the actions of others? Will you?!"
I stare at the now frozen Loni and then glare at Zack before stepping up. Pointing a finger at his chest. "She's an abomination! She should die still! She was born from a tank and isn't really a human. Just a collective DNA structure from all of the Hybrids!" I was spewing out words. Earlier I just wanted to die. Now I'm full of fighting.
I knock the finger away, anger and disappointment in my voice. "Are you so shallow and blinded by hate that you fail to see her as a person? She is still a person, regardless of birth!" My forearm slammed into her throat, then her back slammed into the wall, her head ringing from the impact without a doubt. "My son was born of a tank, but he was still a person. She may be born of a tank, from DNA not truly her own, but she isn't just some conglomeration of yours and others DNA. She is a living, breathing PERSON." I let Cynthia drop, watching her slide to the floor. "If this is what you become, maybe I wasted my gift after all."
'Kelly' uses all the spikes thrown at her, and combines them to form one massive, multi-element barrier, blocking line-of-sight toward her, as well as throwing the fireballs back at Cayl.

Boris sprints into the room, and begins firing spines at the barrier as he closes in.
The fireballs vanish as the blade of air cut through the barrier and took off Kelly's left arm. "I don't want to have to kill you, Kelly, but I will if I have to."
The blade hit nothing as 'Kelly' was no longer there. As a matter of fact, 'Kelly' was no longer in the Training Room.

Boris curses. {All teams, be advised, Kelly is on the loose again.}
The pain was intense. My head ringing as I heard every little detail. Almost paralyzed with fear of what might happen to me. Eyes growing wide as I felt the presence ordering me to do something. It'll force me if I don't comply.

You should kill everyone connected with those two... experiments. Projects. Weapons. Close allies. Including her. Then kill yourself after you kill those two... You are just a tool now. A weapon to be used. You aren't human yourself. If she isn't a person. You aren't either. Show them. And if you don't kill Loni...

"It's threatening me now if I don't do it... If I don't finish the job." Fear was laced into every word.
"The Keeper has no hold anywhere but in death. It's why he needed you. If you're so weak willed as to be afraid him now that you live, then I should put an end to it here." There was more disappointment in my voice than anger now, but there was a hint of something else. Sadness perhaps? Regardless, my eyes were hard, my resolve clear.

"No you don't." Focusing my energy, a fire plume sent Kelly flying out of the ground. Unfortunately, it was in section D. "Boris, section D. Hurry."
Boris nods and starts moving away, heading for Section D.

A pointed rock slammed down from above and disappeared into the ground.
"Not good enough." The plume comes from a different direction, pinning her against the wall. I grin, waiting for the counter. "I can keep this up indefinitely. Can you?"
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IC: My scanners pick out Kelly's location again, and I order the relay to fire another pulse at her, giving Cayl and I more time to intercept her. Reaching Section D, I home in on her location and find her, shooting her leg out. Regrettable, but it could be regrown later.
'Kelly' was no longer in Section D. The rock, which Cayl mistook as an attack, was her way of dropping down to Section A. She shatters her earth shell, and, without warning, disappears from psionc and Ki sensors, deploying a outburst of psionic energy, dispelling anything pinning her down.

{Boris, she just dropped to Section A. Hurry.} A guard says over the radio, and Boris charges downstairs.

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