Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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More and more bubbles arrive, and pop, releasing swarms of Vasoni. The bubble in the middle pops. and 'Kelly' returns, a black aura around her body as she releases a large amount of Vasoni with her, releasing homing Orbs on everyone.
IC: {{Part of me just doesn't feel right about what we agreed on}} i say outright. {{Its like there's something behind me hammering guilt onto me every time i think about it}}
I sigh. {You don't have to go through with it if you don't want to. I asked you because I thought you would be the only one willing to help.}
IC: {{see when you use the word 'help' i get conflicted.}} i reply, my conscience spinning circles in my head
Upon seeing the orbs homing in on me, I enter a hover just below the ceiling and wait there until they close within a few feet of me. When they do, I generate a Repulsion Field which pushes against the neosteel above me, propelling me downwards out of the orbs' path. They overshoot and hit the ceiling, blowing out parts of it. Sand spills through the holes in the roof onto the hangar floor.

I continue picking off the Vasoni, a Disintegration Field flaying several which are unable to move in time. I put a beam through the head of another, the headless body falling over with smoke trailing from its neck as I launch another barrage of Nanite Missiles targeted to spread out among three of the Vasoni, the initial impacts knocking them off their feet as the swarms of tiny machines rip them to shreds.
{{Sorry. You really don't have to if you are uncomfortable with it. Maybe I should just go ... back to my own people.}} I was saddened by what Dante was saying and seriously considering leaving for the rest of the week.
IC: That's when Cynthia's words came back to me..... they stung. {{you know what? I'm just over thinking things. Its not every day someone asks me a favour like this one, so i guess you could say i'm just nervous}}
The orbs that go through the roof come back down, chasing Ceas again.
OOC: Ok I got to ask before I do a post can Tari and Sam hear what is going on?
"Bingo." The containment field fires, suspending Kelly in the air, immobile and unable to do anything. Setting the gun on the rail and locking it in place, I engage the creatures, cutting them apart as I move. {She's contained, Boris. Now we have an infestation issue.}

The scythe was a blur, my purpose a bullet with one target, kill. I was in control enough to avoid hurting anyone, but for the most part, the blood lust was free to drive. A flip here, a blink there, it was a dance as I weaved through the creatures. A claw to my shoulder, bouncing off the armor as I cleaved a sphere in half, a creature with it. The black blood that was in the air for just a moment before it returned to the Void was beautiful. Nothing was able to keep up.
{{Its OK Dante. Just so you know ... the way you reacted on the moon wasn't the only reason I asked you ...}} I was starting to drift but what I was saying was true none the less.
IC: {{and that would be?}} i ask
The black aura briefly flares as the containment field was eliminated. 'Kelly' fires bolts of Void Energy at Cayl again as she hisses.
I appear in front of the bolt of energy, the mask down and my eyes glinting dangerous ferocity, batting it aside and bringing down the scythe and taking off one of Kelly's arms, spinning and delivering a kick to her chin, knocking her up into the air. "Rapid Assault..." I leap up after her, vanishing from sight, moving beyond traceable speeds again,, the scythe spinning through the air, and reappear above her, spinning mid air and delivering an ax kick to her stomach, knocking her towards the ground. Moving quickly again, I appear midway between her and the ground and deliver a punch to her, sending her to the side. This repeats several times before I deliver the final ax kick, pile driving her into the ground. I land a short distance away as the scythe comes down and I catch it, spinning it and impaling one of the creatures on the spear tip on the end opposite of the scythe blade, the weapon itself resting on my shoulders with the tip of the scythe blade resting on the ground. I then blink onto the catwalk, mask closed once more and the optics glowing a deep orange, and engage the creatures there.

I incinerate a group of creatures and move to the gun, powering up another field. {Activate the suppression field!}
OOC: sorry for inactivity, friend's house.
Seeing the guard starting to head towards it, Hydrilk began to slither towards the guard. An image of a human waving is psionically broadcasted to the guard.
Having reached the training room, throwing a punch to the nearest training dummy, knocking it to the floor.
'Kelly' blinks repeatedly in sync with Zack's attacks, avoiding them with the same ease that Zack attacked her, and giving off a hissing laugh. She unleashes more Vasoni, blinking over to the center of the hanger, her aura getting significantly darker. A tendril lashes out, grabbing Cayl and Ceas, and slowly dragging them toward her. She hisses laughingly again, before a loud scream is heard.....
....made by the vast hoard of Vasoni and the Feral Kelly.

The entire ground floor was being suppressed by the bots' system, and several melee bots rush out, helping to clean up the Vasoni on the ground. The Vasoni on the cat-walks, however, were still active and fighting.

The Guard ignores the image, and says "State your name, and your reason for being here."
An image is transmitted of a protoss, speaking. "Hydrilk!" the image says, before slowly fading away.
OOC: No vocals. My other favorite character debuff to get.
Antony sighs, and says "What is your reason for being here?"
"Right, here goes!" Slicing the tentacle and pulling my self up, I fire the containment field, followed closely by the disintegration beam, both connecting mere seconds apart. "Got ya!" The molecules were frozen in the field and I cut the beam to avoid unnecessary damage. Then I went back to clearing out the remaining Vasoni up above. {Got her.}
Boris enters the catwalk, and begins to help clean the Vasoni up.

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