Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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The tentacle bounces off of my Repulsion Field, and then goes limp, falling to the ground as it is cut off at the base by Kelly disintegrating. I continue firing at the Vasoni, hovering in the center of the room out of their reach as I spear them with beams. {Well done. Now we just have to remove the HEV and clear out the rest of these creatures.}
Catching one by the throat, I snap it's neck and look over everything. The ground and catwalks were nearly clear and I sigh, walking up to Boris. "That was more annoying than anticipated."

Shadow's message comes back on Flint's PDA.

{The schematics are acceptable. You'd need someone to go to the Arraki shipyards in person, though. Their comm tower was destroyed recently. Some idiot decided it was a good idea to take free shots with the Overdrive Cannon. Needless to say, he's been demoted to kitchen duty.}
"Had to be expected." Boris replies, and leans over the rail, looking at Kelly's molecules frozen in stasis.
I nod and join him. "So, you ready to see the HEV cured?"
He doesn't reply, but nods. On the ground, the last of the Vasoni were killed, and the bots clear out of the area.
3 hours later

I reverse the polarity on the disintegration beam and reconstitute Kelly, her body clean of the HEV. Dispersing the field, I sigh, calling for medical as I lean against the railing. "It's done. The theory has been proven effective, and it's worked."
Kelly falls to the floor, unclothed, and back to human. Medical personnel rush in, and pick her up, transporting her to the Medbay. She remains unconscious as she was moved.

Boris sighs, and says "Good." He turns on the radio, and says {End the lockdown.}
{Yes sir.} The guard replies.
A locket was spread out across the floor of the hanger still. I never got the chance to grab back on to it when Zack did his thing.


My room was a mess when I woke up. Books torn to shreds and the bed torn apart. Eyes growing wide as I put into account about what happened... I had a restless nightmare.
"Good," I say, watching the newly reconstructed Kelly, "I'll have to make a note of this being an effective method in the archive. I wonder where this sudden appearance of Void abilities in her came from though."
I shake my head as I unlock the cure from the railing, glancing at Ceas and Boris. "I'm more concerned with what caused the sudden failure of her nanites. Any ideas Boris?"

I noticed the locket on the ground and picked it up. I roughly remembered Cynthia had had it when she arrived, but I'd been slipping further and further into the red mist and had had to act quickly to keep from hurting her accidentally. I still had to tell her what Laura had explained to me. I had missing lungs and kidneys waiting for next time we met. Sighing, I looked at my time readout. It was 5:30 pm. Suppose I should probably head to Cynthia's room.
Boris shrugs. "Any number of reasons. They could have just failed due to lack of maintenance, but I don't think so. I think the experimenting they did on her just caused them to fail at a certain time."
I nod, thinking on it. "You think it was intentionally done or accidentally?"
Hydrilk begins the flex his tail, sand falling through the plates. An image of a child learning through experience is shown to the guard.
Boris doesn't answer, just gives Cayl a look that says 'What do you think?'.

Antony nods, and asks "Did you come with any organisms to provide transport?"
"It could be either. The timing of their failure almost as soon as she returned to the Academy seems suspicious though, I would have expected that if it was an accident the HEV would have surfaced much sooner."
My hands reaching out for the vase as I threw the rose out and grabbed some painkillers from inside my nightstand. Chugging the water down that was inside the vase. I took the pills for my headache. Not realizing that Zack was coming to see me.
OOC: That wasn't in the book. Custom transports Zark?
I walked through the halls slowly, my mind still wrapping around what I'd learned from Laura.

"You did what?!" Her face was contorted in rage. If I hadn't faced down that expression before, I'd have flinched. As it was, I kept my eyes level with hers, unblinking.

"You heard me. I injected Cynthia with my DNA. She's now a Changeling like me. You said I had the choice to do it and I didn't force it on her. She made the decision herself. Granted, it was fueled by vengeance but--" Something in Laura's eyes, besides the obvious anger, stopped me short and I frowned. "Laura, what's wrong?" She kept looking at me before the fury, at least for the moment, subsided.

"You've rewritten her genetic code. You're aware of this, correct?" I nod, still confused. It wasn't hard to figure out, so I couldn't--that's when it clicked. Well, somewhat. She must have been able to tell, because she smiled sadly. "Her DNA is no longer of Zaros' and Shade's, Zack." The anger was slowly starting to return to her eyes. "She's of ours." I shook my head, stunned by this revelation. couldn't be true.

"But...How? I understand you used your blood to turn me, but...that doesn' make's..." I couldn't even finish the sentence, I was so stunned and confused. Laura just barked an angry and sad laugh.

"Enjoy telling her and her former parents that, Zack." Her image vanished from my communications screen, leaving me to stew over what I'd learned.

Even as I approached Cynthia's door, the revelation forefront in my mind and the need to tell her obvious, I didn't know if I could. Of all the things to scare me, the thought of tearing apart a family was what it was. By the Gods, forgive me Shade. Zaros. Had I known... Shaking my head, I steel myself and knock on the door, determination finally winning out. Determination to do what's right. "Cynthia, you awake?"

Edit- Right, you have the...Viperlord for air and Roachling for ground.
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An image of a Viperlord is shown to the guard.
The door slid open by itself. Then it closed while leaving a five inch gap. My voice could be heard through the door. It sounded like it was in mellow pain. A headache most likely. "Yeah. I'm awake. Had another nightmare... involving the dead... again."

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