Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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{{I ... have feelings for you. And I didn't think I would have feelings for a Terran but they started on the moon.}}
I nod, sympathizing with her blight, and blink into the room, closing the door the rest of the way with a gentle push. Looking at Cynthia, I hold up her locket, closed so she wouldn't think I'd snooped. "I believe you lost this when you came to the hangar earlier."
IC: "I think we have been in the ship for too long." Sam says to Tari.
A smile came to mind as I reach for the locket. Taking it gently. "Thank you... It was a gift actually. And yeah. I did lose it in there when you were in a hurry. It's held some faint memories... but now it has none. It's empty. Nothing... It's black compared to being a picture." I said with a faint sound of disappointment.
Antony nods, and says "Follow me." He turns around, and starts walking back toward the Hanger.
Hydrilk follows the guard, leaving a slither-mark on the ground behind him. (Yes, he does look like a defiler, but with bodily changes when he Augments.
I see the sad look in her eyes and hear the disappointment in her voice and curse myself. Maybe I didn't think this through as thoroughly as I thought I had that day I'd offered her a chance to take her revenge. My eyes soften a bit though, remembering what Laura had said. Maybe I could make it up to her somehow. "Cynthia," I hesitate a moment, doubt trying to creep back into my mind. What if this angered her and turned her against me, keeping me from helping her? No, regardless, she had to know. Finding my resolve once more, I push on. "Cynthia, there's," I take a calming breath, focusing on her face, "there's something I need to tell you."
The change was almost immediate. Zack had become calm to nervous and not as relaxed. Then that calmness came back real quickly. Each move he made. The way his eyes registered. There was something. "Zack, what is it? The way your body looks... it seems important."
IC: {{oh....}} i chuckle. {{i'm thick headed as always i see. But have you ever heard of a poem about a woodpecker?

“The naughty little woodpecker,
Knocked holes, crumbling the forest,
The angry wood god turned his beak to poison…
The poor little woodpecker
His nest was poison and his supper too.
He touched his friends and they all died.
Evil little wood pecker,
You made another hole today, the forest is full of holes, I say.
The Angry Wood God put poison in your beak.
Poor little woodpecker,
Your nest and food are poisoned.
Touch your friends and they all die.
Sad little woodpecker, your poisoned tears shined so brightly.”

That's how i feel like about my last relationship........ I was the woodpecker. I don't want to be him but i was, now i'm afraid i'll be yours too}}
I take another deep breath, focusing on Cynthia's face to keep doubt from finding purchase in my mind. "Shade and Zaros aren't your parents anymore." I stop, thinking carefully of how to continue. "Not genetically anyways. Laura and I...we're your parents now. Her DNA created me, and ours together created you." I look her in the eyes, my own registering sadness and a bit of self-loathing, but if you looked hard, you could see the underlying glint of happiness. Now she knew, and no matter how she reacted, I would watch over her to the best of my abilities.
Those first few words hit me hard across the face. The sounds of tears already forming when I know realize that my parents... aren't my parents anymore. The sadness in them as I sunk to the ground. Seeing his sadness and loathing before I saw some... happiness mixed in. This was something that even I couldn't take in completely at once. Sounds of sobbing and tears hitting the ground as I hid my face my placed my arms in front of it down on the floor.
OOC: And as such, the world will cumble,
as one tells another things that,
when said,
may kill or heal,
and those that have shells,
break open,
for the world to view its deeds. Skip to a minute. Or listen to the whole thing. Up to you.

I watched her cry and I sigh in defeat, the happiness buried in the self hate quickly. "I'm sorry, Cynthia." I turn and open the door and walk out of the room, heading down the hall as my mind remembered all my mistakes prior to this. Jason's death, the dead at Ferlon Hill, so many mistakes...they started to pile up and crash down on me, trying to bow my head with their weight. I kept walking though, even as the tears fell, I kept my head up. I wouldn't let that hold me back. For each mistake was two things done right, starting with destroying Narud's research in Project Thanatos. Cynthia would come to terms some day. That day, though, wasn't today. Reaching my Wraith, I started it's engines, the take off procedure already started as I looked out the view port towards the Academy. They were all in good hands. I wasn't needed anymore.
A clock was signifying something after Zack had left. It was 1800... Dinner. There would be one less person though eating as I wrap myself around my bed post. Before liquifying and crawling under the bed it seemed. Staying down there in the darkness. The tears still dripping as the locket was dragged under with me. Opening up to reveal three people now... Me... Zack... and what I presume to be Laura. One that was happy... One that was crying... One that was full of anger with what happened.

I stopped crying quite briefly as I scurried out from under the bed. Knowing where Zack would go. My energy was spent and hasn't returned yet as I ran down the hallways. Tears stinging my eyes as my face seemed all red and puffy.


Shade was in the cafeteria. Doing some more work after hearing the good news with Kelly. Helping herself to a plate of what appeared to be meatloaf and pasta. Seeing a few of the other students and faculty coming in to eat as well.
I had already angled the Wraith for the exit out of the hangar as Cynthia came into view. Her eyes were still blood shot and puffy from crying, but there was something about her face that made me wait. Not wanting to hurt her, I turn on the PA system and open the canopy, the hinges hissing as it slid back. [Cynthia, I'm...I'm sorry.]
Luckily there wasn't a single soul in the hanger besides Zack and I. I twist my ankle while running in and the flooring collided with my body. sending it sprawling. Enough to worry Zack perhaps. My head though bobbed up. Looking towards Zack's flight. "You shouldn't be sorry... You didn't know. I didn't know. No one knew!" The voice almost seemed to be that as a dying human. Yet I wasn't dying. "You were honest with me... If anyone should be sorry to me... it should be me. How do I tell mom and dad... and brother?"

Hair around my entire face and Zack couldn't see into my eyes or my facial expression anymore. I didn't even bother to move it out of the way.
IC: Sam and Tari were at a table eating together. Sam would check his PDA every few moments.
Antony approaches the Hanger, and pulls out a radio. {Says his name is Hydrilk. Zerg organism. Open up} He puts the radio away, and the Hanger opens up. Antony walks in, and looks around cautiously.
Cynthia never hit the floor as I had blinked and caught her before she could and I hold her close. However, I didn't move her hair. "You...don't need to worry about telling Shade, Korzis or Zaros. Leave that to me." I hold her chin up and smile. "Zaros couldn't kill me if he wanted and Korzis and Shade don't really concern me. No one knew, so they can't blame me or you."
I return the embrace as my hands were clutched behind his back. Almost like a hug. My face was up against his chest as I cried into it. They were cold. Almost... freezing up. The sobs were louder when I tried to speak up. My voice croaking and cracking on me. "Maybe this was meant to be. Maybe I was never supposed to be with them. But with you. I made an awful choice but I can only push forward with it... Nothing will be the same. I can just hope that we'll be happy." My locket was around my neck. "You may open it if you want to... the picture changed from nothing to something..."

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