Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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I shake my head no, just letting her cry. "I'm sorry I did this to you. It was far from my intention to ruin your family like this." It was tempting to open the locket, but I didn't. What was in it was for her eyes alone, not mine.
"I ruined it myself by going along with this plan. I went along with coming back when I should have just staid dead." My lungs and hearts felt like they were bursting. Veins popping from stress as I couldn't control my feelings any longer. So I tried to lighten the mood in a sort of way. "It's a shame I never got to see my new brother... right?" I say that because I realize that despite not being the child of Shade and Zaros anymore... Zack had a child again... Knowing that I'll even be able to live as long as them. A family that can live just as long. If only there was someone else out there...

"I'll have a family that wont die of age... but that really limits who I go out with. Right? They'll just die before me." I say, giving a soft laugh.
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Two options for Crymson.
Follow asari of mass effect. Harden heart, use other species to raise own brood. One can love and lose, but will always have loved.

Also could follow Arwen. Give up immortality, sacrifice one's life for an unnaturally long life with love. Sideffect: Death.
{{I doubt it Dante. If we work together I am sure we can get through any hard times.}}

I had changed into some fresh clothes before we had come to eat. My mood was slightly sour and I tried not to show it even while I enjoyed the meal.
I chuckle softly in spite of myself. Clever girl would be an understatement. "Not necessarily, but...that is up to you." I pull back and look Cynthia in the eyes, evaluating everything there. Happiness, sadness, anger, it was all there. I wasn't sure how to react, and that indecision showed in my face. "I...Cynthia, I won't ask you to call me anything even related to father. You know that, right?"

Edit-Cap, not how the curse works. Morph, Tari and Sam are eating.
"I know... I don't have to call you Father and you don't need to call me Daughter... I am Cynthia. you are Zack." I say with a more cheerful expression. There was no real point to skulk about this. It's out. We should talk it completely through. "If only there was someone who I could stay with... Losing anyone I love because they can't live as long. After a time... loneliness does hurt. It hurts worse than actual pain at times. That's how I feel."
IC: {{that's what i thought too...... with Cynthia. But it turned out, I caused more pain than anyone else..... I feel so useless, i feel as if the world made me with no purpose, as if i'm cursed to watch all whom i love die in front of my eyes. There was one part of my story which i never told anyone. My brother was the wrangler who came to get me for Project Shadowblade. I refused to go and for punishment he killed our parents right in front of me..... i was angry, furious, so much that i grabbed a kitchen knife and jabbed it down his throat. He was surprised, didn't think i had the guts.}} i say, pausing, tears welling in my eyes as i slamed my fist against the wall. {{i'm useless, I couldn't save anyone, only kill. Just like that woodpecker}}
"You may find someone yet, Cynth." I stand up, then help Cynthia to her feet, looking around and sighing tiredly, remotely landing my Wraith again. It had been a long day and I was starting to feel it. I roll my neck and look around. "Well, shall we go talk about what it was you wanted to talk about?"
"I don't truly know if that's possible, Zack. All I know is that I feel like I believe you... but deep down I know I'm probably right or you are." And that's when I let go of Zack and picked myself up from him. "Yeah. We should do that... Or we can just forget about what happened. I actually forget why I wanted you to come down besides me apologizing... then again. That might not matter anymore."


"Maybe it's time for the class to go on vacation..." That's when a message was beeping. An informant? Poltergeist? Ex-Poltegeist? It didn't matter. Looking at it it said one thing.

Shade read through it.

[qoute]I need your help. Something is happening and I can't disclose my name.
You don't know me... But I know you. I am with someone that you know.[/qoute]


"Zack, perhaps we should go eat... talk some more about this. We should probably go tell mother though. She'll be the most understanding about this. Even if she may... get emotional." I jump down from Zack's vehicle.
I grimace slightly. Emotional was expected, as well as trying to rip me to shreds. Vaulting over the edge, I land on the ground gracefully and stand up, walking. "Just let me do the talking."
I give a slight frown that gave me the expression that I was much younger than I appeared to be. "Are you sure you want to do all of the talking?" I ask. Wondering what Zaros would do... He would freak out of course. "Maybe we should also get her into her office before we talk to her before there's a scene in the cafeteria." Noting that I was right about that last part. It would be far more uglier in a public place.
{{No you are not Dante. You just haven't found the right person yet ... and maybe I'm the right person for maybe I'm not. Really only time and whatever greater being or beings may exist can tell.}} I was being honest to him even if he didn't see it.

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"While you make a compelling argument, Cynth, let's also keep in mind that a private conversation is easier to twist later than a public one."
I walk into the Cafeteria and grab some spaghetti and Milk. I take a seat, take my helmet off, and start eating.

Kelly is pushed into the Medbay, still unconscious, hooked to machines. Behind closed eyelids, her eyes were moving rapidly.
IC: {{but the pain. The pain is unbearable. When that bot draged me away after Cynthia's procedure was done and she was dead..... The emotional pain was even greater than the physical one i felt when he broke every bone in my body. It chokes you out}} i say slumping to the ground, sobbing just a bit. {{It really does. Like you said what if things do go wrong again? If the same thing happens, i can't guarantee i'll keep living after that}}
So.. given the time skip, where the hell are Terance and Alicia?...
@War, cafeteria most likely. But since Zarkun isn't here for the rest of the night or for a good portion of tomorrow he said(he's with his cousin). So... I don't know.

IC: "Yes... but would you rather face it out in public or have a conflict where everyone ends up being involved? I don't want that... I don't. But if you want to do this in front of everyone... be my guest." I say.
{{Dante ... I know how you feel. I feel the loss of my homeworld even though I never knew it. I'd invite you to come to my ship but ... probably not the best idea right now.}} I sigh. {{It will take a lot to put me down and especially if I have someone to fight for.}}
IC: {{I'll think about it alright? This is also the reason why i distance myself from people. In my mind i'm just the woodpecker, whoever i touch dies. As much as i long for companionship i keep myself away}}
IC: "Tari you feeling alright?" Sam says as he looks at Tari.

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