Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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{{You do realize that if you do get involved with me beyond what I asked of you in the next couple days ... I will be trying to change that and I think I will succeed even if it takes a while.}} I meant everything I was saying. {{I just wish I wasn't going through Estrus right now.}}

"I'm fine just fine." I sigh and stop eating for a moment. "Actually ... I'm upset about Caes interrupting the massage you were giving me and ..." I trail off and shake my head not wanting to continue.
IC: "yup that was a bit annoying but you know I'll give you a massage whenever you want one." Sam says "but what was that last part you kind of trailed off"
"I ... I was thinking of what happened to Cynthia as I changed when ..." I stare at my plate for a moment before continuing at a whisper that Sam could barely hear. "I realized I'll out live you." I had a few tears in my eyes.
IC: {{its your naturel cycle. its nothing to be ashamed about}}
IC: Sam whipped away a few tears from Tari cheek before he kissed her on the lips quickly. "Then we make the best of our time and when it comes time I'll wait for you on the otherside."
{{I'm not ashamed it just ... gets annoying at times because I still want to interact with others.}}

I nod slightly and go back to eating. I didn't really want to out live him at least not by as much as I will. "Sam ... you don't really understand but ... later."
IC: The emotions drain from sams face and voice before he looks at Tari. "chances are you will outlive me by a hundred years even if I die from old age, something which no spectre has died of. I understand that and that is why I am trying to set things up so that if something does happen to me you will be taken care of."
IC: {{you still can. you just gotta keep yourself in check}}
"Maybe longer and ... thanks I just ... I don't want to loose you." My sour mood was mostly gone but I was still quite somber.

{{Raging hormones and a bunch of viable males around ... not to mention what my pheromones might do to the other females here ... its better I stay in my ship.}}
IC: {{i was fine last time i saw you.}} i say before checking the time {{damn its time to eat. You want me to bring you some food?}}
IC: Sam kissed Tari one more time. "Just remeber that I love you alright.. Now before my mind goes back to being well my type of normal. We need to talk about what happen today. When we were out alone."
{{No but thanks for the thought Celeritas is well stocked for meals.}} The sound of various things being cooked could be heard over the com as I was in the process of making my own dinner.

"Alright ... I ..." I go silent blushing as I remember the events that had led up to the massage. "Ca-can we talk about that when we are alone please?"
IC: {{but really it can't be that bad if you were out just today in the morning}}
{{That was only the very beginning of my Estrus maybe a few hours in so not very strong but they get stronger the closer I get to my peak and vice versa after.}}
IC: "Sure no problem but... I will have to talk to serenity later about this.. From a medical point I mean." Sam says as he finishes his meal
IC: {{and when is your peak exactly?}}
Hydrilk, having arrived in the hanger, slithers along into the complex.

Shir finishes his routine dummy fight, and walks to the cafeteria.
OOC: Is Knarled one on?
"Its part of her biology. She can't help that just let her be for now."

{{Erm ...}} I spend a few moments doing some mental calculations. {{About 36 hours. I think anyway its kind of hard to be sure.}}
IC: "I'm going to go to medbay real fast and pick up a lab kit I'll meet you in the hanger" Sam says before taking his tray back. {{Dante can you hear me}}
I groan and take my tray up as well before heading for the hangar. {Sam ... please ... don't do anything stupid.}

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