Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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IC: {{wow that's tomorrow. Wait gimmie a sec someone's calling me}} i say before switching channels. {{what's up?}}
Deathwing was watching Hydrilik, unseen. He eventually go orders that it was okay to reveal himself and he flapped down in front of him. "Hello fellow Zerg, I am Deathwing. My master will be here soon to meet you, he is quite interested in you." He says in his screechy Psionic voice.
IC: To Dante {{I think serenity's condition is starting to affect the others. I don't think I could get a sample but if you could umm get close to her do you think you could take a sample for me? I know you've been talking to serenity.}}

To Tari {{ Don't worry just getting some samples. If this spreads to everyone in the academy then we will have problems. Will be in the hanger in a few will need a sample from you}}

Sam grabs his personal lab kit out of medbay before hurrying to the hanger he would reach it in a few moments.
IC: To Sam{{don't worry she locked herself in her ship, quarantine sorta. It'll wear off in about 36 hours}}

To Serenity {{So you're gonna hole up in your ship for that long?}}
{You do realize what is going on with her right now is temporary right?} I was starting to think that Sam might be taking this a little too far.

{{Well that's when I hit the worst of it and need your help. It'll take another two days or so for me to go back to normal but yeah.}} I sigh. {{Would you ... be willing to come keep me company?}}
IC: To Tari. {{I understand Just kinda want to get Dante to do something he needs a relief and as much as I hate to use someone i think serenity could also.}}

To Dante. {{I know but I still need a sample just incase this tries to spread. Meet me in the hanger and I'll give you the gear you will need just in case}}
OOC: Zinjas... Nombies... Zombie Ninjas...
The defiler shows an image of a Hydralisk following a locust, the closest thing it can imagine to a defiler.
Shir sits down in the cafeteria, getting his usual order of bread and water.
OOC2: For those that don't know Defilers are :
I shake my head. {Oh ... playing match maker are you?}
IC: To Sam {{i am not collecting some sample from Serenity! You are way overreacting over this}} i say before cutting the connection

To Serenity {{ya sure. But be wary of Sam, he's trying to play quarantine scientist. Was trying to convince me to get a sample from you}} i say before walking for the hangar
{Thank you Shadow. I'll have Hawk go over there and deliver the schematics.
Oh I intended on talking to you about this sooner but I heard that you have
someone from the former Masonic Commune working in the higher ranks.
You sure that is a good idea?}

{{Hey Dani. Just checking in with you. Have you considered my proposal?}}
IC: To Tari {{Well there goes the fun.. Dante thinks I am trying to get a sample from serenity. entering the hanger now where do you want to meet.}}
IC: i enter the hangar and see Sam there. "......Don't look at me like that" i say heading to Serenity's ship but keeping my eye on him at the same time
Destron: I slither over to Hydrilik and I say, "I know what a Defiler is and many people who are here probably do too so do not worry, though I must ask how you got here and why?"
IC: "Dante hold up there for a moment and take this." Sam yells at him while handing him a package from his lab kit. "Just open it when you get in there"
IC: I sigh "This better not be some retarded joke or i'm going to kick your @ss all the way back to the dominion" i say
IC: "Lets just say if you don't use it I will be piss beyound beleif Dante, Also after this is taken care of come and visit me some time" Sam says with a friendly tone
Laughter can be heard over the com. {{Oh great ... not that I would let that happen. Just tell me when your here.}}

{By ShadowWalker but I don't want to stay in my ship ... after earlier ... it might be a good idea to only reserve my ship for ... more intimate occasions.} I was sitting on top of my ship watching Sam and Dante but keeping to myself for now.
OOC: Don't think a locust can be that Psychic Mecha. Just saying.
An image of a zerg mind growing, increasing in mass is relayed to Destron.
IC: {{right outside your door}} i say
Cap, just have him talk, your confusing the hell outta me. Or at least explain.

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