Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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IC: "I see you can you umm come down for a bit" Sam says to Tari as he opens his lab kit.
OOC: If you think about it, aside from Original Zurg, this form of communication makes perfect sense. Also, it is supposed to confuse some.
Razortooth slinks over to Sam and says "Master can help you, if you let him I will go in and take a sample, all I need to do is take a sniff with my nose to collect sample."
I lower the ramp standing at the top mostly undressed. I hadn't realized I had taken off most of my clothes until just now. "Sorry ... I didn't realize ..." I usher Dante up so I could close the door.

I smile and stand up before jumping and doing a flip before landing gracefully next to Sam. "Razortooth ... leave Serenity alone."
IC: i bang my head against the wall when i get in "clothes please" i say closing my eyes as well.
IC: Sam pulls out a small pad and brushes her skin at the neck before she could do anything. "Well now that is over maybe you could help me with something" He says as he pulls out two wine glasses and a bottle of Dom Perignon Rose.
"Really sorry I didn't even notice I had undressed." I say as I go into my room to put on some clothes. I come out a moment or two later wearing a t-shirt and a skirt.

"What was that for? Mmm you sure? I shouldn't drink I'm still a year too young." I was being playful about that last part I didn't really care if I was technically too young.
IC: "Well then if you don't want a drink then I'll just finish this bottle... The joke is Tari I gave Dante a bottle of this also two wine glasses and a little bit of protection. I only wish I could see his face when he opens the package and its only that and no sample gear" Sam says while laughing evily.
OOC: If one made a character who fed on censor bars... my my he would be powerful. In this roleplay. Ditto blackscreens.
I can't help but giggle a bit. "Me too. I never said I didn't want any but ... your responsible if we get in trouble for it." I say grinning slightly knowing no one here would really care if I had some wine.

OOC: ... Cap ... wow ... Serenity and Dante are the only ones that might be about to blackscreen ... Sam and Tari are likely just going to get a bit drunk then wander back to their room.
IC: i lie down on her couch "imma take a nap, wake me up in like 2 hours" i say before dozing off

OOC: i'm off for the night
IC: Sam pours the drink "I'll take the heat but in all honesty we still need to talk about what happen." He says without his normaly playful tone
OOC: Lost, I meant that we have an average of 1 Blackscreen per thread. Din't mean to be accusatory.
I sigh and laugh a bit. "OK." I curl up on the couch with him my head on his lap before falling asleep myself. I knew Aurora would wake us up in two hours.

I take a sip. "Yeah ..." I look at Razortooth. "Scram or I'll rip you apart. And I mean OUT of audio range!" This was a private discussion even if we weren't really discussing it privately.
IC: Sam threw a knive at ravortooth killing it as soon as it hit it. "I don't think anyone or anything else will hear us." He says a little coldly. "I hope that thing can be regenrated or whatever zerg do"

OOC: Meh we are in a mature rp there will be moments and since we are trying to be semi clean we just blackscreen it all.
"Yeah it can." I use psionics to remove Sam's knife then disassemble all of Razortooth's mechanical traits before sending him across the hangar. I sigh. "I really don't know what happened I was fine until we started to spar then ... I just ... I needed you." I take another sip blushing and a bit lost for how to explain what happened.
OOC: That's completely fine.
IC: "I wonder what caused it.... OH S%^#.... I havent taken my serum in four days" Sam says as his face goes pale as he remebers that he hadn't taken is serum
"What's so wrong about that?" I ask giving Sam a confused look.
IC: Sam finishes his glass of wine before pouring more for himself. "I'm sterile when on the serum but it only lasts 3 days..... its been over four days since I injected myself" He says trying to bring calm back to his voice

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