Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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I stare into my glass of wine swirling it a bit. "So ... I might ..." I couldn't bring myself to finish that thought but I knew he understood as I finish my cup and hold it out for him to pour me some more.
IC: Sam pours her another drink his hand a bit shaky. "yeah.... listen I can get some tests from medbay if you would like.." His tone was starting to loss his calm again.
"No ... it's fine Sam. They wouldn't be able to tell this early anyway and if I am ... I ... I'm OK with it ..." I down my glass in one go and set it down. I lay down with my head on Sam's lap needing to process.
IC: "Well no matter what happens I love you Tari and I Know for a fact I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Sam says to her in a loving voice before stroking her hair."I think I may need a rest here soon about about you?"

That ring better get here soon Sam thinks to himself
"I know ... I love you too." I accidently read Sams mind. "Sam ... what ring?" I was curious now but I didn't move enjoying where I am. "Yeah ... we should go back to our room."
IC: Sam face went red when Tari asked about the ring. "Ummm well umm I'll tell you about that later." He says quickly before he let out a long yawn. "Sorry about that guess I'm tired from earlier events"
"OK." I yawn myself before getting up. "Me too. Come on lets go back to the room." I sway slightly.
IC: Sam quickly packs everything back up before holding Tari at her waist as they walked. "I think you may have drank a bit too much" Sam jokes before picking her up and carring her to the ship. "I don't know why I enjoy carring you places"
"I think so too and I'm not really complaining right now." I wrap my arms around Sam's neck and rest my head against him. "After tonight ... we are going to limit our use of ShadowWalker to our intimate occasions when we want privacy. OK?"
IC: i hear a beeping sound as i wake up. "uuuhhh you can get off me now" i say to Serenity. I roll my neck around for a bit "think i slept with my neck in the wrong posture, now its sore as hell"
I was still out, muttering and speaking quietly, asking for someone. Someone that was missing that I was used to. I didn't know what happened, didn't know that I tried to kill some of the people at the Academy.

I put the tray back, and head to the Gym.

OCC: Is anyone connecting to DA? I can't.
Jester, DA is severely messed up for me... But yeah. I can connect. It's just all deformed.
I sit up yawning slightly. "Dante ... why are you so shy? you've seen me completely exposed largely because I wanted you too." I was kind of sad and confused about how/why Dante always seemed to be shy around me. "Want me to massage your neck?"
IC: "I don't do good with risque. Why do you think i'm an infiltration not an undercover type assassin. Sam is an undercover type assassin and he does very good with risque, me, i get really sheepish, and sure why not"
I nod and move over to Dante before beginning to massage his neck expertly getting at what was bothering him. "Hmm ... well your going to have to get over that ... especially when I reach my peak."
IC: "Sounds like a plan darling" Sam says sam as he lays Tari down on the bed.
I nod sleepily and curl up waiting for Sam.
IC: "i guess you're right about that part" i say before wincing as she touches the spot "yep right there, that's where it hurts"
IC: Sam lays down next to Tari and pulls her closer to him. "I hope Dante is going to be alright." He says
I focus on massaging that spot. "Later you should talk with Cynthia."

I wrap my arms around Sam curling up next to him. "He'll be fine." I say drifting to sleep.

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