Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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"It was...actually fueled by love. Despite the arguments and disagreements Laura and I have, she taught me how to be human again." I chuckle, a tear coming to my eye. "She was the first person to reach through the stone wall around my heart in a long time and I guess that's when I fell in love. The reason I decided is because the thought of being without her was too much to bear."

I glance up. "Just go away. Things like privacy exist for a reason, and this conversation doesn't involve you."
I nod, grabbing my own jumpsuit and slipping it on. "She ran a full scan, so nothing slipped past her."

I grunt and nod;
"That's good news, wouldn't want it kicking back in at a bad moment.."
"And now you are a part of her forever in a way." I didn't notice the tear but I could sense the emotion behind it all through the link. "Guess you have your someone forever."
IC: the feeling of guilt persisted, it wasn't fun. i sigh "it would've been easier if i detested you wouldn't it....." i send to Cynthia
I nod in agreement, getting my armor on. "No, we wouldn't." I grab my great sword then the long sword. "Damn, still need a sheath for this..."

I nod, chuckling again and shaking my head. "That I do. Just wish we didn't argue as much as we do."
The sound that came from pain echoed through my mind. Dante... If you detest me, it'll hurt... if you love me. It'll hurt. If you care for me. It'll hurt... NOW GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

A blast of energy came at Dante as he walked through the hallways and sent him flying through the halls.

I was crying once more as I gripped onto the sand. It was impossible.
Deathwing was flying around the halls when he heard Ceas. He stopped and grabbed onto the ceiling and partly concealing his precence. Even though Destron did not order him to he liked to observe others so he just watched.

Startled that Ceas said something to him he almost fell off the ceiling but kept on and said "Most beings do not like it when I sit and observe, therefore I have to hide. Though thankyou for not yelling and squaking like the others do when they find me or my companion."
"I have no objection to you watching, though if I could make a suggestion, I believe people would take more kindly to your presence if you were to politely ask as opposed to hiding. It is generally considered impolite among most to watch others without their knowledge, hence the violent or aggressive reactions that result."

I hear Cayl's response to him. "If Cayl wants you gone from here however, his authority overrides my opinion. I personally do not mind your observation, but if Cayl does I would recommend that you listen to him."

I turn away from Deathwing and come beside Cayl i the hallway. "In that case, I hope you don't mind if I come with you. That is... unusual behavior to say the least for a creature infected with the Zerg virus as Karoline has been."
Feeling bored, I go back to the dorm room for another long nap. I notice one of the doors open when I get to the section. I look in, curious, and see another student. "Hi, I'm Yoshi. What's your name?"

OOC: Man, the Eagle Souls RP looks like it's going to be really fun.
I shrug, suiting up;
"So make one.. How hard can it be?"

Wandering through the halls, I shiver slightly;
...this place is starting to tense up... and it's not just because of the tournament... what else is going on?...
IC: i force knocked the wind out of me....... "what you're implying is that it would've been best if we never met? The more you distance yourself in that mental shell the more sad you will be. If you don't tell me why you're like this than i'll never know what i did wrong" but the message barley got through as she blocked me out. I sighed and walked down the hall
"Well, considering the metal I need isn't exactly easy to come by with all the mining going on in the sector, considerably." I slide it, sheathless, into brackets on my back sized for it. "That'll do for now. I can see if Cayl has a sheath."

Edit-Darkra, you missed the part where she blocked out Dante.
I look up from my book at the other student. "I am Greggor. I presume you are another student?"

I let off a small chuckle. "Even Dani and I fight. It comes with the territory. True we might not fight as much as you and Laura but it still happens. Has Laura ever threatened to attach an explosive egg to you back that has a equivalent blast of a nuke?"
I sent another message while blocking him out. Pain, everyone has brought pain to me! You, my parents, my friends... ALL OF THE DEAD! If I distance myself from everyone. Then at least I'll be able to stop a harrowing pain that will live with me forever. Maybe I'll forget about this pain. A gun was forming in my hand... Made out of Void energy and my pain. The barrel of energy pressed against the side of my head as I let out a sob.


Stirring from the medical bay was a woman... A blanket was on her as she woke up.
"I wouldn't be surprised, especially considering how much those Lorians like their melee weapons."
I say, hooking up my gear and jumpjets.

I spin in place, a feeling of cold dread settling in my gut;
...what now?!...

CR, Cynthia's out on the sand, right?
Deathwing gives one last hiss at Cayl before flying away. As he was flying he saw Stefan straight ahead and to avoid knocking into him her raised his altitude a slight bit and all that hit Stefan was a slight gust of wind from the high speed flying. He soon arrives in the Cafeteria and starts flying in circles, letting out a slight caw once and awhile. He saw a piece of meat left where Cynthia sat and swooped done and grabbed it, pulling off the maneuver perfectly.
I shake my head, chuckling. "No, but I'm sure Dani's never pulled out your lungs and a kidney."

"Hey, they're based on the old order of Earth knights. so I don't blame them."
CR, Cynthia's out on the sand, right?
Yes, two miles from the actual Academy.
"Yep. Got here, uh... before my last nap. It's so weird that we essentially live in a giant basement; I can't tell what time it is at all."
IC: She was gonna do something rash, i could feel it. I pushed against that barrier with all my might, hoping that at least some of it would get through to her. "This is just like that time when i was stuck in that glass. DON'T MAKE ME HAVE TO LIVE THROUGH THAT AGAIN
" But as much as i screamed and shouted against that mental barrier, It wasn't was just like before
After having tired himself out, Shir walked from the training room to the dorm, and stripped off his weapons, then meditated under the sun lamp.

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