Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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"No I haven't made her mad enough to do anything. Then again I am not sure she would and I'd rather much not find out." I say with a chuckle then my face going rather solemn"I know it would devastate her if she lost me. It did when she lost Marko so I intend on sticking around."

"It matter not whether we are on the surface or not time isn't of my concern. As long as I have a light to guide my way I am content."
"Well, in all fairness, I did rip off one of her arms..." I ponder a moment before speaking again. "Flint, can...can you and Dani have kids?"
I think for a few moments before looking at Zack. "I am not sure. Even with all the times we have 'been together' we haven't had any. I presume that it is plausible. Why do you ask?"
I sigh, hanging my head. "Because I don't want you to go through what Laura and I did."
IC: Sam and Tari had entered Dystopia. Tari had set the autopilot as Sam got in. "Ok Tari what in the world is going on. How is serenity's estrus affecting you?" Sam ask
"then we think very differently, my friend. I, for one, don't like being in a semi-confined space like this."
I give Zack a curious but wary look. "I don't think we would as we are different from you two."

"I don't mind then it is just part of it all. I've been on ships with tighter confines for a few years."
"I don't mean the lack of children, I mean the purists..." I shake my head. "They took our son, Hunter, from us."
My face turned into a grimace as the energy was forming inside of the barrel. About ready to fire as I think about pulling the trigger. Sweat dripping down onto the sand now.

OOC: I believe War was going to have Stefan do something pertaining to what Cynthia is doing... Where is he?
"They would find themselves torn apart by Dani or have their minds melted by me should they try such a thing..." A hint of anger was hinted in my voice.
Everything suddenly clicks into place;
{Zack! Cynthia!! NOW!!!}
I yell over the comm, while simultaneously sending him what I'd picked up on via psychics.
IC: i was running for the vehicle bay, she was going to do something rash...
So you are aware, that won't kill her.

IC: {She's fine, Stefan. It takes more than that to kill us.} I sigh. "Don't worry about that particular Cult, I killed all of them myself, was already too late...Flint, promise me something." My voice rings out into Cynthia's mind to appease the others. That will only hurt, Cynth, not kill you.
"You'll keep them away from your missions. No matter how badly they want to go."
I was sending the message to my mind that this would kill me. I hoped it would. I realized what a mistake it was, yet... revenge called. Zack... This will work because I'm telling my mind. It was fake hope... "I'm sorry..." The trigger pulled as the gun dissipated into energy and I hit the ground. Blood seeping from my head as there was a hole. The hole already closing over as repairs went over way.
IC: i leaped onto my vulture, her psionic signature easy to track among the dunes
I wince;
...that had to hurt...
{Good to know... I don't mean to pry but what the hell made her do that?.. I thought she'd come back to take revenge...}
I ask Zack.

has the Windseeker gotten back yet?...
"I wouldn't even think of taking one of them with me. Even if they inherit my abilities, I still don't think that I could let them go with me on any mission."
A wall of shadow stopped Dante from leaving. My voice echoed in his mind, harsh and unwielding. You will cease to try and involve yourself where she doesn't want you. When the time is right, she will return, but until then, let. Her. Be. I nod, a smile crossing my face. "Thank you."

Edit- Not yet. Soon though.

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