Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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Zarkun, no response from Zack to Stefan? Sorry if I didn't make that clear who he was talking to.

And Mecha, Cynthia's TWO MILES away from the Academy.
One of the guards approaches the door, and tries to peer inside. He is only given a split second to wonder what 'Kelly' is doing before the door is broken in half, and a spine goes straight through his helmet. The guards open fire, but 'Kelly' kills them with spines. She hisses loudly, then sprints out, moving toward the Hive again.

Boris curses, and gets out of his seat. {Lock the Hive down! NOW! Cayl, Kelly is loose. She may be trying to evolve herself again!} He sprints out, heading for section A.
Oh...sorry, I got too many ninja's and such. I'll put it here. Mecha, no.

IC: {Second guesses. It isn't uncommon with those of us were created, not born.}

{On my way.} I sprint towards her most likely path, a wrist blade forming from my armor.
OOC: Deathwing was flying for a bit dude. 2 miles isn't exactly far. And he did not get their in one second.
That's fine.

{Makes sense... When she's not trying to kill anybody, you might her talk to Alicia, or vice versa. She's always been good at helping people with emotional difficulties, even when she didn't have her empathics.}
"If it is any comfort to you I think Dani would be even more protective of them."
"I can imagine so." I turn towards where I felt Cynthia at, waiting. She'd have a hell of a headache now. {Only one of us can help her, Stefan. Someone who understands what's happening.}
I follow Cayl, flying at full speed toward the Hive. With the alloy I had received from Jess twenty years back, I quickly pass Cayl and wait by the entrance, sensors scanning for Kelly.
Mecha, nu.

IC: My heart pounding... two hearts pounding. A soft sob under all of that sand. I wouldn't stand. I would stay out here until anger and thirst came in.
'Kelly' didn't go for the Section A entrance. She was making her way up toward another section, following the path she remembered.

A clanking is heard at the door as a bulkhead slams shut. {Sir, almost done locking the whole Hive down.} A guard replies over the radio.
Deathwing was listening to the conversation Zack and Flint were having. Spying and listening wasn't just something Master liked.
{Fair enough, just trying to do what I can... Besides, Alicia would want to help anyways, it's who she is.}
I slide to a stop, thinking. {Boris, I don't think she'll make a second run for the Hive. We stopped her once and she know's we'll be prepared this time. What else could she go for?}

{I understand that, but...sometimes it's out of her league.} I close the channel and eye Deathwing. Did you two not learn your lesson yet?
{Understood Stefan and we do appreciate your eagerness to help. This just a phase in the mutation. Both Zack and I have gone through it as well.}
I open a channel to Cayl. {Cayl, I'm at the Hive and there's no sign of her. She may have changed course and decided to go somewhere else. Do you want me to remain here for now in case she does decide to return, or should I try to find where she is right now?}
{Understood. Let's just hope she makes it through.}
I reply as Zack closes the channel. With a shake of my head and a sigh, I head for the Training room, intent on getting a bit of exercise.
{Other students, possibly. There may be genetic data she can get from them to enhance herself.} Boris replies, then the Guard comes over the radio again.
{Sir, Hive on lock-down.}
I return to my book as Yoshi was still standing there in to door silent.

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