Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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{No, they're too capable of fighting back. What else?} I shift channels to Ceas. {Try and find her. She won't make another swipe at the Hive.}
A throbbing headache was what happened next. One that ached and pained throughout my soul and mind.
I rolled onto my back. The sand sticking to my face and the wound that just sealed up. Any damage done had already been repaired. I tried to pick myself up but I couldn't give myself the strength.
IC: "i guess you're right Zack....." i say getting off the vulture. "I am her embodiment of dispair and grief am i not?"
Believe what you will, but she blames more than one person.
Deathwing: "I am not spying, Master decided to let my fly around, I am under no orders Terran." he says while he was flying.

OOC: I wonder how good he can lie XD
IC: "But whatever i do....." i say playing the message back in his head
Dante... If you detest me, it'll hurt... if you love me. It'll hurt. If you care for me. It'll hurt... NOW GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
"You're a terrible liar." A dangerous look appears in my eyes. "Bug off before I do kill you." She's having second guesses about everything, and you're not helping. Just let her be.
{I don't know if you noticed, Cayl, but she put effort when fighting us, and she was after DNA from the Zerg Larva. She also tried to paralyze Terrance on the spot, so I don't think she will care whether or not if someone is going to fight back.} Boris replies, moving up the stairs to the second floor.

'Kelly' sprints up to Section C, moving toward the dorms. She had no idea that the doors were locked at the Hive, but she wasn't trying to get there anymore.
"So.. how soon we getting back?"
I ask, leaning up against the wall.

Walking into the Training Room, I que up half a dozen sparring bots, set to hard.
I curse and find her. I block her back with a wall of fire and stone. {I'm funneling her towards a sparring arena. Meet me there.} I keep it up, guiding her to where I wanted her to be. {All students clear out of the training room. No debate.}
Zarkun, War. If you want. Alicia and Terance could spot Cynthia laying in the desert. But oh well. Just laying there. XD

IC: Every movement was filled with pain. Every inch of my existence was something deeper.
The engines flare as we land and I turn around. "Now." Standing up, I stretch. "Crafty little...better go tell Shade he's up to something."
I hear something running through the hall and out of instinct I reach for my pistol.
'Kelly' forms a barrier of earth around her, using Cayl's ability, and then fires out spikes of ice at Cayl. She hisses, and continues using the earth to grind Cayl's attempt at pushing her back to a halt.

IC: "You're right about that part" i say before turning around and walking away
I deactivate the bots, suppressing a growl;
{Got it... any reasons why?...}
I ask, heading for the sim room instead.
I continue funneling her, avoiding her attacks and pushing her back. {Not now, Stefan. Just don't get in the way.}
I sigh before responding, still heading for the sim room;

"Crafty little...better go tell Shade she's up to something."

Think you forgot an 's' there...
I detect Kelly near the dormitories with some of the equipment in my room, and rush to get to the sparring arena specified by Cayl. Seeing the barriers that he created, I remain a short distance away from her so as not to interfere with Cayl's strategy, but out of view because of the walls. Just in case it was needed, I also charge the psionic relay in my room; the communications device could also be used as a weapon if necessary.
A wall of ice rises, melting and putting out the fires. 'Kelly' draws the air away from the hallway, sending it through the vents, giving the fires nothing to feed on, making it harder for them to ignite. She sends ice shards down-range, along with large rocks.

I clear out of the Training Room upon hearing Cayl.

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