Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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A few minutes later I was stumbling across the desert before hitting the sand once more. My lungs burning from the intense heat of the sand and sun. Legs burning from the exhaustion.
I was talking about Seven, War.
Ah. makes sense.

Heading over to Terance, I look over the readouts;
"What's up?
"Just refering to Seven. He's up to something and it can't be any good."
I chuckle, arching an eyebrow;
"I thought that was a general rule of thumb..."
Seeing her escape, I fire a focused pulse of psionic energy from the relay at Kelly, briefly stunning her and knocking her to the floor. I come closer to her, blocking off the pathway to the dormitories and opening a small Repulsion Field around myself in case she attacked."
"I will admit that I was listening in but I am not lying when telling you I was under no orders, you two are very loud so it is impossible not to hear you."
"Well..." I chuckle and shake my head, engaging the armor's full protection function, the helmet enveloping my head. "Just in case he tries something else."

"Really? We're loud? Not true, we were speaking quietly. So, bug off or die. I've no more patience with you and your master's nosiness."
Note to everyone else. Shade doesn't know about Seven being here... In fact... almost know one does. The only one who truly knows is Cynthia and Snow.

IC: Continuing to stumble as another ripple of energy appeared around me.

Waking up outside of the Academy's doors. Laying there. Covered with sand.
I grimace, sealing my own gear;
How do I initiate a Vehicle Chase? I'm really freakin' bored.
'Kelly' gets back up and fires ice shards at Ceas, while creating a earth shield around her.
@Yoshi: That's done by the Teachers. Almost all of PKA is character sub-plots.

Dude, read people's posts. Kelly (She's part zerg and has gone feral) is currently running loose. If you want a near-death experience, just go wandering and run into the chaos.

And Mecha, are you trying to get your minion perma killed? 'cause that's what Zack's gonna do...
OOC: Okay then. Has there been an explosion or something that I can react to?
Sensing the sounds of battle around the academy, Shir lazily gets his pistol off of the table, and draws it on the door.
OOC: I just had a really weird idea for a character. Larva/Hydralisk mix. Can use other strains to augment abilities. (Baneling-modified spines, Roach-Modified Burrowing, Zergling-modified wings etc.) Would that be insanely over powered or what?
OOC2: Spar with another Yoshi. Or walk into another dorm. Or just get exploded by Kelly. Your initiative on the subject.
"I told you that I am not under orders you pea brained Terran! And my ears aren't as weak and pathetic as your's are Terran." He says as he swoops down and grabs a piece of food lying on the ground.

OOC: Awesome character idea Cap.
While sharp, the ice shards have relatively low mass and velocity compared to a bullet, and so bounce off the field harmlessly. Several of the shards rebound at her, splintering on her shield. I call out to Cayl. "You should probably start doing whatever you were planning on, while she has contained herself."
'Kelly' fires rock out of the ground, attempting to lock Ceas in place with an earthen prison.
A kunai pins Deathwing to the ground and I walk up, a bone blade forming. "One, you don't have to have orders to lie. Two, I'm not just Terran, and three, I'm through being patient." The last thing Deathwing remembers is the blade cutting him in two.

Kelly's earth shield flies into the sparring arena even as I block the holes with earth and her shield shatters. "Kelly, don't make me hurt you."
The rock destroys the Repulsion Field, but in the process launches me to the ceiling, giving me enough time to roll and evade the offending rock. I deploy a Disintegration Field between Kelly and I, knowing that her solid projectiles would be destroyed by it, while my beam would not be affected. I lower the power output of my Ion Beam to a nonlethal -barely- setting, and take a shot at her.

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