Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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'Kelly' lands deftly, her shield being destroyed not bothering her. She starts creating shards of earth and sends them at Cayl.
Destron: I was slithering into the Cafeteria to retrieve Deathwing from trouble when the Terran hybrid cut him in two. I give Zack an angry look as I fall unconscious, having to revive Deathwing.
Going to bed. Night everyone.
Note: Not passing Kelly off for someone else to RP as for the subplot.
I send them into the walls, countering with a blast of sub zero ice. "You can copy, but not to my degree of control."
Name: Hydrilk
Age: Zerg
Unit Mix: Larva/Defiler
Abilities: Baneling Augment (toggle) / Roach Augment (toggle)
Used Weapons: Spit, Pincers
Special Notes: Uses augments as attacks. For example, the roach augment makes the spit acidic, melting walls and armor. Baneling augment changes spit to Bane-sac, a sort of bomb of anti-infantry acid.
The Wraith crashes through the planets atmosphere, a billow of dark grey smoke trails behind it. Soon it impacts the great hangar wall, making a large obstacle. As the doors open it does not move, and people start towing it in. When they open up the cockpit they find no one inside, as Zaros had already entered the academy.

"I am not sure about that, Caprindo..."
OOC: Do you need anything clarified?
OOC2: He is not supposed to be OP Mecha.
Our ride is smooth the autopilot set to keep Dystopia level. I sit next to Sam flushed, sweating and shaking slightly. "I ... I don't know but I feel so hot ... needy almost like an ache I just can't ignore or get rid of on my own." I moan softly and move so I'm straddling Sam in the bench. "I don't think I can control myself much longer Sam." I lean in and passionately kiss Sam as once again I was unconsciously grinding against his crotch. All I really needed was a romp to get back under control and to stay away from Serenity for the rest of the week.
You should change the two abilities into one called Gene Augment. Gives more flexibility.
OOC: O.0

IC: Sam was starting to really worry about Tari. "It's not right you're not yourself Tari. This isn't you. We need to get you checked out in medbay" Sam says with slight worry in his voice.
Dude, lots of characters would !@#$ him over if that's all he has, 1 very flexible ability is what most characters have.
OOC: Considering he will be able to climb through walls, destroy armor units, and burst Marines like bubbles, I think he is at a decent power level. You can also gain more powers.
I sigh slightly as I watch the cyborg creature die. If it was smart it wouldn't have insulted Zack and thus lived.
"That, exactly that. Seems a bit too powerful."
I don't believe Larva is on the list either.
OOC: There are several students that don't have listed units in their mix.
They were OK'd first too, though. just...there's no way to level out the power level without making it more of a glass cannon than Ceas.
"I'm fine Sam really." I kiss Sam again but pull back quickly. "Ngh what am I saying? Sam I ... you can give me a check up later but I need this. Please ... just ..." I was fighting but clearly not doing to well.
OOC: I will modify accordingly. I wasn't being too explicit about the amount of damage baneling and roach augment could do. I was thinking that Baneling augment literally deals 3 1/2 damage in a small radius, while roach just makes it more armor-piercing. My larva unit mix was just to explain the basic idea of augments. I also have a soft spot for defilers.
Abilities: Zergling Augment (10% increased melee attack speed, Toggle) Hydralisk Augment (Changes spit to spines, which are more accurate, toggle)
IC: Sam held Tari in his arms as Dystopia started to enter the academy. "Tari it doesn't feel right. Lets get you to the ship"

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