Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXII

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"Eh, just not sure."
Well, I can allow the augments, but give yourself some kind of combat mix. Zergling or something.
I sit back next to Sam as Dystopia parks next to ShadowWalker. I was able to control myself for a bit. "OK ..." I climb out followed shortly by Sam. I give Sam a quick kiss and hurry up the ramp of ShadowWalker.
IC: Sam followed Tari a bit slowly he was thinking of how this could have happened and what his next move would be. Sam started to remove his armor so he could hopefully change into his lab clothes. "Tari feeling any better?" He asks as he enters the ship
Name: Hydrilk
Age: Zerg
Unit Mix: Defiler/Queen
Abilities: Hydralisk Augment (Increases accuracy, changes spit to spine) [Toggle] / Baneling Augment (Minor Splash Damage, Changes Spit to Sac) [Toggle]
Weapons: Spit/Claws
Notes: Uses augments as weapons modifiers. Abathur's bane.
(Knarled is just going to love that last bit. Abathur stresses efficiency, and I just walk in a destroy that.)
Hmmmm....allow me to debate with SF a bit in DA. Should be back with a consensus of some kind soon. War, this next bit is for you.

IC: I lead the way off the ship and check around, noting Sam and Tari just getting back. "Well, seems we're not the only ones who felt like going out."
I nod;
"Seems like it... I just hope they didn't have the same issue that we did..."

Probably shouldn't go far, given Jester's little bit currently on hold.
Eh, we should have been posting this while I was posting that, so think of it as catching up.

IC: "Doubt it. I'm running a scan for the pheromone he used on us and it was only us who got hit." I head down the hall. "Now that I think about it, I'm really hungry."
I was still flushed and sweating. "Sam ... hang on a moment." I slip into my room as the ramp closes. I quickly change into the lingerie from earlier and stand in front of the mirror for a moment. "Mmm Sam's old partner has some good taste." I open the door and stand there leaning against the frame sexily. "You like?"
That works.

I chuckle;
"Same... And I wonder why?..."
I say with a sly grin
IC: Sam stood there for a few moments lost at the sight of Tari. "I well I wow you look just wow." He studders out while his face turned cherry red. Sam walked over to Tari and kissed her before picking her up in his arm. This is agaisnt my better judgement but I can't help myself. he thinks to himself as he carried Tari into the bedroom.
I grumble something under my breath about underwear and unplugging him then sigh. "Let's go eat. Then we can find someone to talk to about Seven."

OOC: Oh, CR, Seven told Terance he was Seven.
I kiss Sam as he lays me on the bed and crawls on top. "I must say your old partner has taste." We undress each other as we lay there kissing before [Blackscreen]

OOC: likely won't be on tomorrow so ... this helps a bit :P
I just laugh and shake my head as we head for the cafeteria;
"Oh Terance..."
I glance back, raising an eyebrow. "What? I just said let's eat."
"Caprindo. We have come to an agreement. The augments will have an allotted amount of posts, and some will require a certain amount post difference since the last one. We have come to the conclusion for the currently selected augments would not be able to be used unless there was at least a five post difference between them and the last augment. With Hydralisk we have said ten posts and Baneling five, but it might change later. Crymson still needs to be consulted as well."
I chuckle, grinning;
"It's what you didn't say..."
I say, tapping the side of my head.
I shrug, chuckling as I face her again. "It's a valid thought."
I wrap an arm Terance's back, leaning my head against his shoulder;
"My thoughts exactly..."
Crymson still needs to be consulted as well."
Eh... it's skeptical but meh. I guess it could work?

IC: My vision was failing as some creature's shadow could be seen on the ground. A zergling no doubt. Looking at my hungrily and mightily curious. The sounds of feet on ground and metal as it bit down on my leg. It knew no other way to drag me.
Blood seeping out as bone broke. Cold metal against my hot, sandy, body. I could feel nothing. The only pain that could be felt was the one in my head.

Loni was stumbling across the hallway. Never hearing any voices. Not even in her head like before. This strange feeling... Was she dead or free? A new fire was burning. One of peaceful serenity. Almost as if an overwhelming feeling of joy rushed through her mind like fireworks going off.
Running and running. Panting and panting. Happy and joyed. Until she stopped in front of a body that was being dragged. The body woke up. Eyes staring at Loni. Eyes of... murderous thoughts.

In a flash a blast of energy hit Loni. Her head slammed into the metal walling first. Blood streaming out as my own leg wound was healing. Forcing myself quickly. The zergling was under my control as it bit down hard. Loni's leg was bleeding as well.
She gave an awful shriek of pain. Inhuman as well. Then a fist came for her throat and ended up wrapping around it. Pushing her against the wall as struggled breathing and choking was heard.

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