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Hey guys and girls,

title pretty much sums it up.. im lookign for an australian clan to play some games with.
Currently im plat on sea servers though range from silver - plat on NA/EU and korean servers.

Basically im looking for a clan that isnt so much 'hardcore' but more laid back and always up for team games.

Hit me up online Serapiso #684

Hey, if you just want to play fun team games the you can join us!

Fat Virgins Gaming [FvG] is an SC2 clan dedicated to trolling the lower leagues in team games while under the influence of alcohol and good times. Our clan ranges from Diamond - Gold and play team games regularly every weekend.

NOTE: You don't have to play with us all the time, but just be open to playing some teams occasionally.


-Have a relaxed personality and enjoy trolling and having a beer while playing.

Sounds good :D especially the trolling lower leagues whilst unider the influence :D
add me in game and ill confirm when i get home from work tonight :D
hey! i somehow ended up on a vancouver clan but im from queensland. and started drawing others from our very sexy country, we are a clan that has fun but like to be competitive.
if your intersted in more have a look at vansc.ca
id love someone to have a few beers with and game lol
is there any update aussie clans, i'm still lonely on North America :('

Gold Protosss
Eternal eSports are based in Europe and Australia. Make sure to check us out: http://eternal-esports.com/

Our Aussie SC2 team is off to ACL Sydney this October.

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