battlefield or call of duty?

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battlefield for me, of what you?
Neither. Both are copy-pastas of one another.
I had a lot more fun with BF. Especially when playing with a friend using voice communication.
Ignore Socrates, he has no clue what he just said.

It depends which CoD. The community is a bit divided among all the CoD expansions. It's personal opinion to which CoD title is the best.

I still choose BF3. The has game more fluid movement. CoD feels a little clunky. BF3 has better graphics. And BF3 actually has gun-play mechanics; like recoil, bullt spread, bullet velocity, and bullet drop. People who stick to CoD for a long time will wonder why other games require you to aim over the head over 100m.

Catering to casuals; CoD relies on labyrinths of rooms and small spaces, letting any newb to join in and easily flank other players. Else, BF3 is more tactical and group centered.

Running as soldier with friendly tanks rolling next to you, dodging rockets by air units, and having explosions everywhere... just sounds more action packed and more war authentic, don't you think? BF3 is more fun.

I've actually got my BO2 friend to play BF3, he enjoys it.
ideally, bf3 > cod.

but unless you play in a team of friends/team working people, then bf3 = cod with vehicles and massive maps.
but i would assume cod is more fun, because all you do is kill people, get level, rage at noobs more often.
personally i rather play cod, coz i got no friends and i wanna kill all my noob teammates should i be in a team.
CoD is a lot more casual, which is great.

BF is way more fun with friends though. Me and my mates would wreck everything playing Bad Company 2, but none of us really cared for BF3.
Don't play either but Battlefield is clearly the superior game from a technical standpoint. I also loath the CoD Franchise in it's entirety so that may be something.
I would play Battlefield: Heroes before any CoD game.
I don't play them, except I played the single player of BF: BC2 (never managed to figure out what was going wrong when I tried to get on multiplayer), but anyways,
I like BF better because it's more realistic and it has tanks/planes. I'm pretty sure you can't drive full-sized tanks in CoD.
Team Fortress 2
uhh i think your in the wrong forum post (althought team fortress 2 is a amazing game)
Theres something about high health, fast movement speed, and high jump height allowing the better player to turn around even some of the worst engagements that I find better.
If I can't choose Halo then BF

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