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I'm Seda, and I'm a 28 year old guy from Australia. I'm looking for a clan. Known for nothing, I'm not famous at all - except perhaps for being a complete idiot. I care approximately 2% about anything, and therefore may not present logic and/or skill in any given situation.

If you want someone in your guild who won't do anything productive at all, look no further. Contact me on today, and fill every clans required 'useless' slot.

- Seda
welcome to na:D
we have several Australian members i would love to have one more in our little community.

i understand that you may be a complete idiot at wont base it on stereotype more on personality :P
we are looking just to boost Australian numbers now so i wont need you to do anything more then the following
1 love starcraft
2 be active
3 this is list is way to long already

im from queensland and call the group vansc my sc2 home as do a few aussies we have an awesome website, practice days and both inclan tournaments and external events these are optional, but if your looking at improving we can defiantly help you out. if none of is still not what you are after you can atleast come uses your tallent of being an idiot in clan chat so we have a few members on late night aus times :D

for more information have a look at our "offical" sc2 forum link

or our website <- here you can apply or get a general feel for the culture of the clan
any questions feel free to ask on either the blizzard forums or ours i just made assumptions based on your 2% care factor that you didnt want to much information, i hope the 2 % leads you to that application form :D

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