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So I haven't played sc2 for a long time, preordered hots collecters...waited forever to open it due to fear of damaging the awesome physical content, opened it, fought trying to get the expansion installed (go figure pointless cd, big waste of money all aorund)
use my feeble internet connection (over many...many...many days) to get all the damn updates (that I really thought would just be included on the expansion cd...)
disable my internet and beat the campaign offline, don't give a crap about "achievements", never have never will, I am a solo player (sometimes lan at best) at heart and always will be...then I realize "vs-ai" doesn't seem to exist...looking around neither do guest accounts, nor can I do "arcade" or anything offline, and when I go online there is no host button that I can find...

I live out in the sticks, not only do I need offline games for poor internet support, I am a solo guy. I won't get diablo 3 just because of all I heard about it and online...worse than sc2 I hear...and thats bad...

what's the point of a single player campaign if you have to be online so that your friends can see you when you don't even care if they exist? (okay that was not only a bit harsh but off topic...)

so are those features gone, or were they moved to some barely discoverable location, and hidden away in hopes that players can't find them?

P.S. (possible spoilers) Love the story by the way, was angry as hell when I thought Raynor died, somewhat upset when General Warfield died, Murdering mad when I learned Zeratul, my favorite character of the entire series, is most likely dead....
But I am quite glad the protoss (best of all yo!) was saved for last. I mean what a fitting race to have as the end....especially the way the storyline developed.
though I'm not sure just how many more things outside the third installment I am going to buy from blizzard...like many companies they are going haywire and money hungry, and instead of punishing the pirates, they punish the payers... If I can't lan or have an easy to use interface...or play games how I wan't to play, then I won't pay...simple as that. Now I may be one voice...but so I hear lots of people are feeling this way...and sometimes it only takes one more voice in the masses to open peoples eyes.

edit: okay learned how to play against ai offline...
I guess one of the two things I recently read/thought were true...you have to log on and play a bit in order to play offline, or the other one, I may just not have had the maps I wanted to play, I mean some of them still wont let me play versus ai, but the maps I downloaded via log-on and play versus ai and one arcade game are playable, along with a few others (possibly the eight ones that I believe downloaded before my online ai matching)

what sucks is...all this downloading/online play must be done between 2am and 6am...because I have hughesnet, and it's the bane of internet access... (rolling time clock and a limit of like 200mb...yeah megabytes...not gigabytes, not terrabytes...megabytes... but hey, no count towards my limit during the 2-6am hours, when I need to be sleeping! At least they changed it from 3-6...lol)
For the installation CD:
Yep, it's seems to do little more than point you to battlenet for the expansion/update. At least, that's how it looks to those of us who dont know what it's actually doing behind the scenes. A lot of people have wondered about that. Probably too late now but if you were already fully patched to at least 2.0.5, then you already had hots installed on your computer and didnt need your CD for anything. You just needed to put the license key into your battle net account and it would unlock on your computer.

For the VS AI:
Looks like you found it. The "Vs AI" in the "Matchmaking" is unavailable when offline no matter what. The "Custom" section is what you want. And you're right, you have to, at the very least, enter the lobby of a map so it can download to your computer. That way it's available when offline. The "Custom" game section can pretty much set up any melee map however you want it. Just make sure you set up the map in a way that requires other human players either allies or enemies and it should work fine.

I dont play arcade enough to really know its ins-and-outs. :(

Guest Accounts:
The 3 guest accounts ("Play as Guest"), as they were before the upgrade, are indeed gone. The closest thing I have seen to playing as a guest in the new user interface is

that is just strange, I got two guest passes for wings of liberty with everything so I am guessing wol still has guest accounts? I guess you did say "before the upgrade"...it's a good thing I reread things...

either way that kind of sucks, because for wol, I copied my files to her computer so she could play the campaign (because we aren't pouring our combined poorness into multiple copies of a none lan game. I have always hauled my computer to friends and family so that we could lan games like these with eachother. It's actually kind of funny because most of them have laptops...and mine is a desktop.)

I understand 100% the whole hate of piracy, but I have to wonder if Blizzard has yet realized they have hurt the pirates 0% and the payers 100%...

The whole removal of lan and everything becoming so internet dependant makes it not totally worth it for people like me... (skyrim is very similiar...only it's not even multiplayer...)

thanks for the response, I suppose that covers everything.
The old in-game "Play as Guest" feature and the guest passes are two separate things. The "Play as Guest" feature that was in the game is indeed gone, but you can still use the guest passes as they allow people to set up accounts outside the game (on battlenet). It's the same situation as the guest account creation that Bliz suggested in that link I put in my reply; in that it creates a license key-less account that grants partial access to the game's features. So essentially the physical guest passes themselves are redundant/not needed to be a guest.

The guest route (for both methods) just gives "Starter Edition" access to the game, thus it is WAY more restrictive than the old in-game "Play as Guest" feature, in terms of what you have access to.
well then thank you for clearing that up.

I suppose all that is left is for me not to tear myself apart waiting for the final expansion (my favorite race naturally)
I wonder if all the campain abilities will be released in multiplayer in some form once the final expansion comes out...that would be awesome. (especially if you don't have to choose between to awesome abilities...except maybe the evolution paths...I mean I guess that would be a little complicated trying to control that kind of plethora of varying units with a multitude of abilities that can give them leverage if used accurately....) That would be cool anyways....but I 99% doubt it will be so...

though just in case blizzard personel are reading...
you should add some versus ai/player campaign unit maps...maybe even some co-op campains (I vaguely remember an old sc1, I think brood war, mini campaign with two possible outcomes, one where you controled both protoss and terran, but instead make it co-op possible...)
I do like co-op story elements like that. I used to make co-op vs. ai story/maps for my friends, sometimes you had to rescue your ally who barely had enough resources to stay alive but not enough room to expand or survive for very long, and then you had to secure a route to a new base for them
I still make alot of custom melee maps for lan play in wc3, still my favorite game of all time.

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