computer instantly shuts down during gameplay

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After playing the game for a few minutes, the computer completely shuts down in an instant.
It is difficult to restart the computer, which again suddenly shuts down. After a few minutes only will the computer come back to normal. on playing the game again, the same scenario occurs. I am using windows 7 home premium. This only happens when playing star craft 2. What can be done??
sounds like your overheating your graphics card, I suggest you check for dust and if its a desktop buy a small fan from wallmart that plugs into the wall(not built for computers just a very small stand up fan), And put it facing the vents. this is protect it even further, if it is a laptop, invest in a cooling pad.
I agree with IShadowWolf on this one. Although a lot of people are having there computers turn off on them, your

After a few minutes only will the computer come back to normal

is precisely how a computer reacts when it over heats. And SC2 has a history of overheating some systems/dirty systems.

If it's a desktop, open it up and use a compressed air can to blow every visible bit of dust out of the case, including off the components. Be sure to get under the CPU fan and blow out the heat sinks. If your GPU has a fan do the same (get under it). If you are comfortable removing components, it's easiest to take them out and get all the dust you can of them, then replace them. If you're not comfortable, just leave them in. Then with it all cleaned out, turn it on and make sure all the internal fans start up. All of them. CPU, chassis(es), GPU if there is one, etc. If you have sponge mesh between your chassis fans and the chassis, clean those off as well; they're like a dirty air filter on a car if they are plugged with dust.

Like ishadowwolf said a small stand up fan works great especially if your desktop is in a desk cubby (bad circulation in those sometimes).

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