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So, I put the disc in and it installs NOTHING then proceeds to start a huge patch, after calling blizzard and telling them I purchased the disc so I didn't have to download much. Then they said I needed to update my Firefox or they wouldn't be able to further assist me with tech support.... true story. This is a huge issue with people who play on capped internet and there is no reason for not allowing us to install off of the disc besides some sadistic DRM scam.

This company has NO consideration for anyone without premier internet. Many americans are stuck on capped internet. We make special purchases of hard copies to avoid getting our internet cut off for the rest of the month over a game. Only to find that, regardless of the WoL and Hots discs we own, we have to download OVER 7 GIGS to play HotS. For me that was over 24 hours of downloading. It's blatantly Naive and inconsiderate on blizzards part to force a near 8 gig Download from a fresh WoL and Hots install.

So I pose a question to a BLUE.

How do i install from the disc? and What is the purpose of the HotS disc?
Hi -------!

You have very valid points and I'm not going to sugar coat this for you. With the rise of digital distribution, more and more people are opting to download their games rather than buy them from the store. However, with many online games (including StarCraft II) it goes under alot of changes from the time the discs were printed to the date of release.

Now, to answer your question: Why even provide a disc if you have to download anyway? Very valid question. For many people it comes down to preference. They prefer to have a physical copy of the game and prefer to have a box with a CD key in it. Some also wish to get the collector's edition of the game for all of the extras that they get.

The point being is that with the dynamic nature of online games, it's almost unavoidable. Games grow and evolve over time and thus, patches are required. World of Warcraft is a perfect example of this. The same is said for games over Steam, X-Box Live and other digital services.

I do apologize for the inconvenience. We try to make the patches as small as possible and keep those who have slow or limited bandwidth in mind. However, when it comes to large game releases and as you know, that's not always possible the way we would like.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!

--Sean W.
Account and Technical Services
Blizzard Entertainment

Ya umm if what sean says was true then we would at least get ALL PATCHES up until the manufacture disc date right? But, that's not the case, in fact if you pop in your Hots disc it will install NOTHING not a single patch for WoL even. This is just absolute inconsideration for their customers with issues like ours. I hope it's Naivety and not arrogance. Regardless, either way it is inexcusable.

I understand future patches won't be included. But his reasoning for making you DL everything is flawed logic. Logically we would expect to have to install all of the patches after the disc manufacture date ( this is the way gaming has worked for over a decade). Even WoW has all patches on disc up until the disc manufacture date ( at least for the first issue of course). Basically what he said was JUST BULLCRAP!
Here's a crazy question:

What if the disks were stamped before 2.0.5 (HOTS) was finalized? That would mean that every blizzard CD that has HOTS printed on it doesnt have HOTS on it at all!


I'm with you: A) There's little to no consideration for customers with capped internet. Not sure how it is in california but many locales around the world dont have ISP choices; your area only has one provider, so you are stuck with their rules (such as caps). B) Assuming HOTS is actually on the HOTS disks, then why did the disks not contain up to at least 2.0.5 (HOTS' initial, pre-patched version)? That way, the customers would get to skip the problematic (on several levels) 8GB d/l and only have to download the smaller 2.0.6 and 2.0.7 patches, etc, that followed it.

It was some goofy logic on their part. If this is how it's going to be in the future, just dont put disks in the physical box, save a ton of money, and charge people less for LOTV. That way those who prefer tangibleness have their box, their printed license key, all the extra CE stuff if applicable. This is for 2 reasons that I can think of off the top of my head:

1) As far as people preferring a physical copy of hots: Well it appears that it isn't on the disks, so there're not even getting their physical copy anyway.
2) Think of all the confusion and problems and frustration that could have been avoided if there was no disk in the box: people wouldnt have tried to install off it... meaning the inundation of the installation/upgrading/frustration/threats/profanity/etc to the forum support could have been severely mitigated.

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