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Can't say for sure when this started but want to say since last patch/update or two. Been about a week I believe. This is in every non-campaign map played where it's been Matchmaking: Training and Versus AI. Can't saw for anything else as this is all I've played so far. But I now find that I am unable to destroy any of the rock or debris fields at resource sites or entry ways. I can target them but units will not engage to destroy them. Not sure how to fix this.
Have you tried directly attacking them? In a recent update, units do not attack debris with right-click anymore. They have to be actively attacked via Attach-left-click.

It was an intentional change by bliz.
Ok, you lost me. I understand there was a change, which sort of makes since but clue me in on how to actively attack something. I looked through the hotkeys and didn't see anything useful in this matter.
It's the A button unless you specifically changed it.
Just as a check: if you goto Menu>Options>Gameplay and uncheck "Enable Simple Command Card", the command card will now display all the commands that are available at all times.

I bring it up only because you couldn't find a way to actively attack, and that's a huge necessity in SC!
Yea, I tried the a key before posting. It was the "Enable Simple Command Card." Haven't really messed with settings outside audio and video. Thanks for the help guys. No more building around debris. lol

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