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So this isn't my best story rather a few years old actual. But I figured I'd give this one a try hope you all enjoy what I did write.

Typical things would turn out this way. I stood in the middle of a horde of flesh eating monsters created by man kinds mistakes and why? Cause I loved my friends and my family and so I was now the bait to make sure everyone got away. May god save my soul if I even had one anymore. Being what I am, you would think it would drive me away from being the hero, at this very moment I so was going against all the rules. My name was Travis, still is to some, but to everyone else I am known as...

Viral Infection

This all started out like every typical day. First the basic information. My name is Travis, I'm 21 years old and work at a deli in a local supermarket. I'm not the greatest son my parents ever had, rather a big disappointment among my family. Being the eldest son and one of the smartest grade wise they expected me to go to college and make all this money and be rich. Instead I skipped a few years after I left high school and choose to get a job. I figured responsibility would make me a better student one day plus I could pay for my own stuff for once instead of relying on others. Well nothing ever turns out that way and I ended up in a job that most likely wouldn't get me anywhere and still living with my parents. I didn't get my license yet so I had to walk two miles back and forth between work everyday. Which in this heat is a pain. It didn't help my black hair had gotten longer than normal and now pretty much covered my face causing the heat the be intensified. I was tall so I doubt that helped much either and I was slender to go with my height. You could say I was very average. Lately I wasn't feeling to well but because I couldn't afford a doctor I ignored it and pretended it was just my imagination. So today was no different than any other day, beside the fact it was senior day at work. Which meant every elder in the universe converged at one place to buy lunch meat. So after eight and half hours of hell I was on my way home to do even more chores and probably get yelled at for something or another. Mistakes now that was the one good thing I was a expert at. I made quite a lot except at work. My usual track home involved using the old abandon railroad tracks that ran behind the city I lived in. If you wanted to get somewhere, this was the best way to get there fast and without any interruptions what so ever unless you count the occasional bums or drug dealers who if you ignored them they ignored you, most of the time. Once and a while police would make a run down this way but otherwise a rather peaceful walk. This particular night was clear and you could see the full moon as clearly as you can see the ocean while standing in it for lack of a better phase. I was in no rush to get home so I was taking my time. My shirt a dress shirt untucked for a more comfortable walk home and my navel blue pants pulled down a bit they were two sizes too small so they felt uncomfortable all day and I needed to breath at some point and time. I had left my tie and hat back at work as I had work tomorrow and figured it would be a waste to bring it home. I hated wearing ties to me it was so pointless. So taking my sweet time not even paying attention a stranger came up behind me. Now I would say she snuck up on me but the moaning sounds gave her away and I quickly turned too see this creepy lady with what looked like blood running down her entire frame and her curled hair encrusted in mud and some other form of dirt running at me with bloodshot eyes pale as the skin of a vampire in some old vampire movie. I admit I froze up for a second there. When I finally recovered she had already closed the distances between us and lunched at me this crazed look on her face. I was freaking out as she grabbed my hand and took a rather large and painful bite into my arm. I screamed and pushed her off me but not before the nearby neighbors what few did live by the tracks came running. Seeing the strange lady attacking me and the blood rushing from a large area on my arm they quickly pulled her off and moved me away. Last I thing I remember is a dark red haze cover my eyes and the sounds of snarling as the lady took a bite from her captives as they restrained her.

The first thing that came to mind when I finally woken up was, damn it I was having such a nice nap. It really was a nice nap at that I found out later that said nap was actually a month long. I remember waking up to nothing but death silence. Silence you never know it but it can be such a bliss. For someone whose last memory was being bitten and passing out to find himself awake in a strange white room I reacted the way any good man should. I screamed and than I screamed some more, by the time I stopped my screams were ringing off the walls. Made me feel better. After calming down I took a look at my surroundings and found that I was in what looked like a hospital room. But if that was so, why was it so quiet. Not a single sound not even a bird could be heard in the silence. Truth be told it frightened me a little. Okay a whole lot. The second thing I took notice was the fact that in the mirror beside me stared back a different person than what I'm used too seeing when I wake up in the morning. First sign something was wrong, pale, very pale. Second and most unsettling thing were my eyes. Normally I have a average hazel eye color now my eyes were almost as pale as my skin. Clearly I was either dreaming or I was dead. Shaking my head I jumped out of bed and when I say jumped I literally mean jumped, I surprised myself when I easily moved from the bed to the floor and landed gracefully on my bare feet right onto broken glass. That is when I noticed that I wasn't bleeding at all or for that matter I couldn't feel any pain. While that may have been a good thing my attention was attracted to the person limping toward me at the entrance of my room. When you say rotting corpse what I had in mind was skeleton of some sort. This was more of a half naked old lady her breast drooping over the side and her eyes dead to the world. Moaning was all I could hear from her and she was rapidly moving toward me. So what I do, I ask if she needs help. “Ma'am do you need anything?” Nice guys finish last right? Said lady growled at me and did a bull rush right at me. The fact she had blood all over her and reminded me of a bad horror flick caused me to panic and as she launched herself at me I raised my leg and felt my foot connect with her body. In a literal snap I not only felt but heard every bone in her body break one by one before her lifeless body hit the floor hard making a loud squashing sound as blood slowly dripped from the spot where my foot had connected.

At this point I started freaking out. I thought I had killed her or injured her. That is of course before she started moaning again and with blood all over her and the floor and the fact every bone in her body was broken made me think she wasn't human. At that point a flashback to the night I was bitten came into mind I remember the way the lady looked and compared to this my first thoughts, were zombies. I wasn't far behind think more like zombies who could actually figure out how to use a doorknob which I found out the next second as a horde as you would call it of these undead super people ran at me full blast. What was the one thought that went through my mind at that was. What the holy hell was going on half a second before I jumped out a six story window. Smart move, at the time I was thinking who cares, die by being eaten or die by crashing into the ground. I choose the ground.
What I wasn't expecting was to land on my feet and not feel a thing or the fact that the ground under me was cracked. But saving my wonderment for later I took off running down the street in my hospital robe. Thank god I still had my boxers on.

I didn't know how long I ran but by the time I stopped I found myself on a street I knew from driving by on the way to visit my step mother when she had her surgery which meant I was at the same hospital where I had just woke up at. I was confusing myself at this point when I heard a growl. Rolling my eyes I sigh and turn around to see a small child this time. Somehow I knew this wasn't just some incident where the hospital was the only one infected with what ever these things were. I kept hoping this was a dream to, but that didn't seem to be happening. This little girl was something of a bewilderment to look at. Dark hair, small of course, what scared me the most was the fact her eyes were the same as the old ladies at the hospital and on a side note the same as mine. The fact she was moaning and stumbling toward me didn't help me be any happier about the situation. I was not about to be a child murder, but she wasn't giving me much of a option.

I would have run at this point but the sound of more moans behind me discouraged me from that option. So using the only other option I had left was to fight my way through. I still didn't know my situation or what my new found abilities were but to deal with the move forward not backwards. Taking a deep breath I made a funny sounding noise meant to be a growl and rushed the little girl. The zombie child moaned and her lifeless eyes looked into mine as it reached toward me. Hoping to do some sort of drop kick as I jumped in the air instead I jumped completely over the girl and landed hard behind her. The force of my landing caused the road to crack. Apparently zombies weren't as smart as I believed the girl didn't even notice I wasn't in front of her anymore. Taking the chance I took off running again down the street as fast as I possibly could and considering that for some odd reason I was no longer pure human it was pretty fast.
I eventually stopped running once more this time from lack of energy. Bending down I stood there panting before quickly looking around and eye the area. The place looked familiar if I remember correctly my ex-best friend once lived around here. Taking another peek around I moved toward the south side of the street and using my new found abilities climbed the house and perched on the top checking my surroundings. For a zombie ridden world this particular area looked strangely peaceful but I knew that it was only a matter of time before the silence would be broken. Scaling down the house I moved through the allies and the side of the buildings moving toward where my friend used to live. Stopping at his street I hide in the shadows and looked around. As expect the entire area was abandon, I never did learn how fast the infection spread even now as I write this, but what I did know at that time, was that I needed a weapon and some cloths and fast. Now when you think a world filled with zombies you expect chaos, fire everywhere and moaning undead human beings limping their way along the streets seeking flesh. Instead it was the complete opposite. The area was surprisingly peaceful and quiet. I barely smelled smoke much less any sign of a fire anywhere. But what scared me the most was the unsettling feeling that everyone had vanished. I shivered slightly and closed my eyes taking a deep breath and headed into my friends house.

The house was completely destroyed, or ransacked rather. I think it was, I wasn't sure at this point, my life had turned into this large confusing mess. Pushing aside used boxes and other discarded items I headed toward the kitchen. I had hoped that my friend had managed to escape and wasn't some deranged undead thing wondering the streets looking at me for his next meal. That would be a strange encounter to say the least. Flicking on the lights almost thinking that they would be dead a hum sounded throughout the house than light filled the darkened room. Which surprised me, I had not expected there to be any electricity at all much less lights. I have to say the first good thing I’ve discovered all day. The second was a pair of cloths and boxers I had left here last time I was staying over for the night folded strangely neat in the laundry room along with other discarded cloths. Seems they didn't waste any time in running away. Not that I blame them. After quickly getting dressed in a t-shirt and my jeans I checked the entrance to the house and quickly locked and seal them using a bookshelf in the living room and as cabinet in the kitchen. My new strength had some perks even if I wasn't sure myself where they came from.
Not really, Nuke. There are plenty of none SC related stories if you look hard enough.
or RPs that stray way far from it. like darkest heart
No, YOU like to keep them there. Don't assume things because it makes an @ss out of you and Ming. That poor kid, Ming.
But regardless.
We like to keep things within the Starcraft theme.

Actually, I kind of agree with Nukester. We DO try to keep things within Starcraft theme, whether we are always successful or not is different.

04/11/2013 12:01 PMPosted by Zarkun
Don't assume things because it makes an @ss out of you

You keep saying that, but honestly, Nukester just gave a complement, then an informative statement. It was you who jumped on his back.
Nukester..... stop speaking for the joey ray's community. No offense but half the time you manage to get more than half of the community pissed at you. Thane. That's a trap you never go in when it comes to this forum. If we "like to stay within the starcraft theme" how come most of our achievements aren't from that? Separatist space was one of the hottest Rps out there and it was based off of making your own race. PKA is pretty far from your "standard starcraft lore" too. Darkest Heart and Hell's Bells were pretty good at times and they were all based off of demons and monsters.
You, sir, seemed to have missed the joke.

Edit- And I reinstate, you and Nuke do. Others are willing to step out of that comfort zone.
Thane. That's a trap you never go in when it comes to this forum. If we "like to stay within the starcraft theme" how come most of our achievements aren't from that? Separatist space was one of the hottest Rps out there and it was based off of making your own race. PKA is pretty far from your "standard starcraft lore" too. Darkest Heart and Hell's Bells were pretty good at times and they were all based off of demons and monsters.

Agreed. But does that mean Starcraft isn't our root? No. This is mainly a Starcraft forum that also contains RP's such as what you listed.

You, sir, seemed to have missed the joke.

Clearly. You called Nukester an @$$ for being honest and kind...

Edit- And I reinstate, you and Nuke do. Others are willing to step out of that comfort zone.

But you admit that it is a comfort zone because it is a Starcraft forum.

I step out of Starcraft lore all the time, but it's foolish denying that it's the basis of the forum.
The joke doesn't make sense with the @ss part.
Round these parts, the Starcraft theme is #1.

Exactly. Don't know why you got mugged and left to die for saying that.
If SC was the number one theme anymore, why are the biggest RPs, short of PKA and maybe FotE, not using SC as the theme? Just food for thought. How about comments on the verbal abuse of that poor Ming kid.
IC: ................and not so good around the new joey rays. Sometimes you do stain the name of our forums just a bit. Just try and stay away from the "we". Cause some people don't like being spoken for
IC: Nuke i have been here WAY longer than you. I was here when Amnesia the RP was still a thing

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