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OK i know there are a ton of threads on void rays being over powered in PvP and people qq out their behinds, this thread isn't one of them its actually to discuss a good void ray PvP build i've been using to great effect and to also talk about how to counter void rays since people have been having some extreme issues with this.

3-2 void ray expand........(stupid name i know feel free to troll it lol)

9 pylon
12 warpgate
16 pylon
17 get your 2 assimilators
100% warp gate get your cyber core
18 zealot (try and get up to 3 zealots)
1st 150 vespene make your first stargate
2nd 150 vespene make your 2nd stargate
warp gate research with your next 50 vespene
chronoboost out to voidrays and make 2 warpgates

The goal is to have your first voidray around 7 min with 2-3 zealots and your second voidray following shortly after. You should have your base completely saturated by now or close and have 3 warpgates and 2 stargates. keep making voids if you get pressure or not they our your only defense at this time micro back the ones with low health and shields and spend extra minerals on zealots. When you can expand, if they keep up the pressure then you pretty much have just won because you will eventually reach a critical mass of voids and overrun them. If the pressure stops expand to your natural and plop down a forge and put 2 cannons at the mouth of your natural for detection and a little defense. Now you want to get you expansion saturated, keep making voids up to 10-12, get a fleet beacon, research air upgrades and shields. after you have your expansion up you can either attack if you think you have the numbers or keep expanding and start producing carriers and zealots.

Your ideal army will be a good amount of zealots, 10-12 voids, and a few carries like 4. The zealots will keep the stalkers busy if they don't micro well, while your sky toss steam rolls everything else. Also remember to get your mothership for late game along with some observers. You want to keep an eye on your opponent and see what tech path he is going to use to counter your sky toss. If he goes mass pheonix then cut zealot production and make phoenix to support your voids and carriers, if he stays gate army you'll need the zealots as meat shields for your sky army.


This build does have a few counters, void rays are not all powerful, and our extremely expensive (250-150), take along time to build, and our slow.

1. if you decide to use early aggression and you see your opponent going voids back off and macro up he wont be able to attack you for along time, any harass he does will most likely mean he will have to stop void ray production or build unnecessary structures delaying his sky ball.

2.Go up to three bases while you pump out blinks stalkers and research storm.

3.Do some DT and warp prism harass to keep him pinned while you take a good economic lead. Yes he will have air units but they are slow and wont react fast.

4.Keep a good number of OBS out on the field to scout his expansions and sky ball, this shouldn't be hard because you don't need to produce anything out of your robo except observers.

5. Defend you base against any air harass the same way you would against a muta ball. use HTs to storm and blinks stalkers and cannons to defend you mineral lines.

6. Your ideal army comp will be a few archons about 5, a good number of HT 5-7 (really important), and a mass of blink stalkers.

7. The goal here is to either directly engage storming his void ball over and over while your stalkers and archons finish him off. You will lose most of your stalkers, but don't worrier he can't warp in 10-12 voids like you can stalkers.

8. you can also engage this way by kiting his sky ball or what little ground army he has away. engage with your stalker ball blink back and storm behind your stalkers. he will be forced to pull back off the engagement or run through storms. keep this up until you feel you can win a straight up engagement. Your army is far more mobile and easier to replace.

9. You can also counter with mass phoenix, HT, and archons. Use your phoenix speed and range to kite and pick apart his army and when you do engage storm whats left while your archons splash dmg rips through everything else.

The linchpin or your counter are HT, a good storm will either force him to retreat or remove almost all the shields from most of his voidrays allowing your blinks stalker and archons to kill everything else. Remember its better to have 5-7 HT and no archons then it is to have 3 archons and no HT. Be patient get a big economic lead with lots of warp gates and upgrades and when the engagement comes storm, kite, and focus down his void rays, while you warp in more reinforcement.
HT works great

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