"unexpected fatal error occurred" 10x

Technical Support
EC5F8C2E-F324-42C0-8A15-3303A904DF66 that is the reportiong Id this error has occured many times in the past week
another fatal error occured here is the report ID CB5AC911-F64D-468E-8439-D75D66164D56 . It would be ncie for someone from blizzard to reply to my problem., It is causing me many d\c's and losing games either rank or unranked. all together it is ruining my playing expereince during starcraft
ya im experiencing the same problem..
same, really getting annoying now.
Yes me 3... I'm experiencing this problem since WOL
I'm also getting this error. I can't play at all.
Ok, reinstall SCII and messing with windows updates fixed it for me.
same here ; /
Same here, I just built me new PC so I know its not like a video requirement or anything....
Never happened on my laptop though..
Maybe its because the game isn't all the way downloaded?

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