how do I play an arcade game offline

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example, say I wanted to cheat on special forces elite, but since cheats obviously don't work online, how do I play arcade maps offline.
Short answer- you can't. You need to be online to access the map.
nevermind, I figured it out, if you disconnect from the internet you can actually play arcade games offline, as long as you've played the arcade game before that you wish to play offline.
Care to explain how? sorry i just get really annoyed when people are vague about things.
Well first you disconnect from the internet. Then you start up SC2. Then you try to log in. It will say cannot connect. Then click play offline. There you go. You now are offline and can play any map/arcade game you have previously downloaded on the latest patch.
And yet I still can't cheat using this option.......................ARRRRGGGHHHHH. Damn it, Blizzard you suck.

I played Arcade offline to play DBZ All Sagas and the cheats just show up as regular text. Am I doing something wrong?!!?
Just in case anyone will find this thread wandering how to cheat in offline arcade game: if usual text cheats dont work, you can still use programs like Artmoney, Cheat engine, etc, to get any resources. I used it in Mineralz Evolution to actually learn the game a little on my own.
But can we PAUSE? Is this possible? An offline arcade game that which you can pause, like a standard skirmish?
04/09/2015 07:52 AMPosted by Mackintoke
But can we PAUSE? Is this possible? An offline arcade game that which you can pause, like a standard skirmish?

Have you tried simply hitting the menu button (F10). That usually works for me. Typically you'll also have access to saving when offline.
I admit I have not traveled that far. The reason I asked that question, was because, I was trying to right click on an arcade match to start offline match, like you would in custom games, but to no avail.

But HOLY !@#$, YOU. ARE. RIGHT ON, maw%^-*ah! Looks like right clicking and all that jazz is not needed. Pausing works like a boss.

God bless your soul.

HOWEVER! I cannot save. Though I haven't done the actual "Offline Mode" version of playing an arcade game. How the hell is that supposed to be !@#$ing possible? I mean, I wanna stay online all the time, like no tomorrow.
I don't know of a way other than to go offline. You might be able to go offline, then start the match, then go back online while in game/map though.

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