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On the planet of Yume, no records show the origin of the mysterious energy called Es. However, the oldest records show that the races of the planet lived in clans, eventually becoming large, peaceful kingdoms throughout the centuries.

The greatest and longest lasting kingdoms were the Aspect Kingdoms. Each kingdom was founded by an Es Monarch, each being a master of an Aspect. Although they were never seen since the establishments of this kingdoms, their skills were passed down to those titled as Heralds. Each Herald were the strongest Es users in the world, having dedicated their lives to their duties of teaching others the Aspects.

Historians still are unsure what caused the disappearance of these kingdoms, but most point towards the Es War, a global war between guilds for dominance. Herald intervention stopped the fighting, but the energy released was leaked into the environment, infecting the dead with a with the R Virus, giving them zombie-like behavior and alterations to them. Evidence shows that they were attracted to large amounts of Es. However, the time when this virus was at large caused a moment in time that all recording stopped. Somehow, the Virus was contained into Monarch's Crown, an area surrounded by impassible mountains, where it is still contained today.

Even though Yume isn't as united as it once was, a global peace still resides. All the kingdoms participate in the supplying of the Gate, the wall that keeps that R Virus in the Crown. However, small conflicts do rise, as the hunt for Relics of the past increases, and as politics cause unrest among the people.....


Es functions like magic, being also used as a power source. Unlike the original RP, there will not be any classes. Instead, I'm going to let you use your imaginations. The only thing you need to remember are the Es Aspects:

The Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind

The Inner Focuses: Mind (use of telekinesis), Body (using Es to improve your reflexes, strength, etc.), and Spirit (Unavailable. Reason why will be explained later in the RP)

The Two Forces: Light (Ability to control light, healing, barriers, etc.) and Darkness (Ability to control shadows, make illusions, invisibility, etc.)

The Catalyst: Emotion (Es powers increase when you feel a certain emotion. The emotion varies between people.)

Aspects are used as the principles of training for people (ex. people use the Earth Aspect as guideline to use the earth for their Es abilities)


Humans- This race is known for giant machinery and ability to inhabit almost any environment. Es users vary depending on location.

Tolrock- The Tolrock are known for their courage in battle and skill in combat. They are identified by their horns that reflect their history, making each of their horns unique.

Nama- The Nama are an aquatic people, having a fish like appearence (they pretty much look like Lagoon Boy and whoever the fish guy is from Hellboy)

Phos- Very identical to humans, the only difference between two is their distinctive glowing eyes and tattoos they wear. They have a natural connection to Es flows, but due to that, the R Virus has lowered their numbers.

Dragon- This species a known for their intelligence, being the only known species to be as smart as humanoids. Their shape and size varies, depending who they are partnered with. (Requires someone to act as your partner to play this).


Abnormes Marked: The most feared and the most dangerous if they toy with their rare abnormalities for terrible deeds. They were the cause for the rebellions in the far past and the terrible war that followed it. Leading before the R-Virus took place into the world. These abnormalities involved mental prowess. Some have speculation that it was from a rare mutation that resolved from too much Es energy, no one truly knows. After the rebellions all individuals with such abilities were hunted down from existence. About 20 years ago they have been sighted once more, to curb public unrest the government kidnapped or paid parents for these individuals and they dumped them on these special farms and a group of 200-something were stashed in a secluded Mountain Community... Never to escape and always guarded. They mark them with a brand so they can find them if they escape.
Current number of Abnormes Marked: 1,254 under Government sanction, total number unknown.

Damnatorum Marked: Criminals that chose to be drafted into the military than face execution, or even prison. Volunteers as they called them... Only they wanted to be somewhat free after what happened. They aren't treated much better once they have changed their life and a few even left them banished into the wild as to escape such a fate. All of them are marked on the face and hands, as well as on the back. As in order to find out who is one of the damned.
Current number of Damnatorum Marked: 8,643 under Military Sanction, total number 15,641

Anguis Marked: Many have been chosen over the millennia but very few have ever fulfilled their destiny and become 'riders'. The trial(s) each marked must overcome to become riders varies from dragon to dragon. Only Anguis Marked that knew they were marked and Dragons knew about the existence of riders and other Anguis Marked. There is no symbol of being marked like the others. In fact... it's impossible to tell if one is marked, for it's their spirit that's marked with the burning passion of the dragon.
Current number of Anguis Marked: Unknown


Es Abilities (if any):

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Name: Jason Granger
Race: Human
Age: 25
Appearance: Wears black and silver colored scale mail armor that has only the right arm armored in black chainmail armor and the left arm unarmored, with the armor hugging the body. Helmet resembles a streamlined and slimed down Knight's helmet. Six foot even and lithe, muscular build, so basically athletic. 210 lbs.
Armament: Twin Es pistols called the Blood Takers, long sword strapped to his back called Trinity, Hunter's blade (Think assassin's blade) advanced hand-to-hand training and martial arts training
Backstory: Jason had been a gifted Es user from birth, and had been born the descendant of a great Es user who had battled the zombies created by the R Virus shortly after the outbreak began. Jason calls himself the Hunter, having trained his body to allow him to be fast and agile, while also being stealthy and silent, killing his opponents anywhere from in their face, to from above. Never quite fully seen in the act. His father calls himself a Protector, using a Gaia cannon and the abilities it bestows to fight the Rombies, as he calls them, at the entrance to the Deadlands, keeping them in their hole. Jason travels the world now, searching for all the knowledge he can find. Along the way he found a crystal that allows him to super charge his armor with Es energy, a sort of berserk mode.

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Name: Morris "Ventus" Lasriel
Race: Human
Es Abilities: The manipulation of wind currents, allowing him to hinder opponents and give him haste. As well as pulling the air from around enemies, but this takes extreme energy. He also has the capability of controlling the path of arrows with the wind's guidance.

Appearance: Extremely short light brown hair covers the top of his head. He has a slight beard. His eyes are bright green, and are more circular than most. His skin tone is quite light.

Backstory: Morris was a young lad when he started learning on how manipulate the wind currents, having come from a long line of sailors recently turned farmers this was peculiar, and he was picked on by his siblings for his talent. Later on in his life he accidentally knocked his older brother off a rock with wind currents in his anger with him, giving the sibling a good sized bruise on his head. He got in trouble for things like this many more times, and then at the age of fourteen he fled from his family, his satanic siblings and his horrible parents.

Using his abilities and a bow filled with arrows he had stolen during his feeling, he was able to survive in the wilderness. When he hit sixteen he started reintegrating himself into society as a hunter. He would sell the carcasses of the animals he killed to butchers, and got some of the meat as well. He was capable of buying a better bow and a proper hunting knife eventually, and became known as Ventus from the way he changed the winds when he entered towns.

Other: Morris uses a bow and a hunting knife in combat. He wears simple leather armor.

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Name: Salicya
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Pre-hatched: a Crimson egg with a Gold mark of Erini.
Hatched: a beautiful red and gold colored ‘western style’ dragon. Primarily red with gold underbelly, under wings and spines. She has a gold mark of Erini on the left side of her face around her eye.
http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=gold+dragon#/d478acc http://silentnight4k.deviantart.com/#/d5nhp2h mark of Erini
Backstory: Abandoned as an egg during the rise of the R Virus in the Ancient Dragon's Hollow. She was found several years later, after the Infected had been ‘sealed away’, by an adventurer. She had chosen Jason Granger as her rider when he was young. He finally found the Hollow and passed his trail with Drago, the soul of the oldest dragon living in a Statue which can change its form, at the age of 25. Later when placed upon the Altar of Partnership, Salicya hatched for him.
Es Power: Wind, Fire, Mind, Light
Armaments: Claws, Teeth, Fire breath,
Name: Sevilit
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Pre-hatch: Mainly purple egg with green streaks and a mark of Erini
Hatched: Purple with green trim throughout (Representing the Poison it uses as its Trail), 'Western Style'
Backstory: Abandoned as an egg during the rise of the R virus in the Ancient Dragon's Hollow. He chose a young girl of good spirit and set upon her his trial. As she crossed the blighted lands his poison seeped into her blood but she believed it to be from crossing the blighted lands. He watches over her watching her progress on finding the key to both survival and passing the trial.
Es Power: Wind, Mind, Body,
Armaments: Claws, Teeth, Poison spray and Fire Breath
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